Out and about again more

It’s good to get out more now, it’s summertime, no clogged up muddy boots and plenty to look for.

Hook with Warsash has been one of my favourite places since moving down this way from Kent. Situated at the mouth of the River Hamble you get the best of both worlds; coast, reed beds, fields and woods to boot.
Plus a chance to spot the Dartford Warblers amongst the bracken !

Young Dartford Warbler

Not being an early riser like a few years ago when I’d be up at ‘silly hour’ to fetch the wood in, light the Rayburn, feed the chickens and down about 3 cups of Coffee in the process, I usually arrive there around late morning armed with Sandwiches, a Thermos Flask and of course, the Camera.
Not many people about, just dog walkers and a few Birders. Luckily the Scrapes and most of the wildness is fenced off which keeps the dogs at bay and gives you a chance to rest the heavy lens on a fence post awaiting you very own spot of the day.

Linnet Treecreeper Whitethroat
Linnet – Treecreeper – Whitethroat

Well, that certainly happened when two young Dartford Warblers gave a 10 second showing for a photo. These birds are the highlight at Hook with Warsash, beside the occasional rarity it’s these who birders and public alike always want to see. They’re elusive, but it’s the old right place right time scenario.


All in all a good day and another day where you may see nothing for hours upon end, but something always pops up for you to rush home and upload your pictures to the PC !

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