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Hobbies and Interests

Maybe having time on your hands will give you new horizons


Some folk don't go along with it. I take you through one of my hobbies which has been very beneficial to me in the Garden and else where.
After all, if NASA and many Services use Dowsing, there must be something in it!
Includes a page on Geographic Stress

Cycling John O'Groats to Land's End

30 pages detailing my 2011 bicycle ride 'end to end' with maps, stats, info and diary. 970 miles in 23 days - a nice leisurely pace for the old fella!

Making Candles

A popular Hobby which is more easy than you think.
If you get the hang of it for yourself, it could lead up to a nice little Cottage Industry as well!

Beeswax Candle Making

A different angle on 'normal' Candle Making and one which uses only the organic ingrediants.

Metal Detecting

Again a popular Hobby and only costs the price of a Detector. You don't need the high flyer Model to find most things.
On the Beach, in fields, in areas where building have been taken down, who knows what you may discover


An article by ex-Railway Colleague and experienced Kent Beekeeper Jim Wells.
Jim takes us through his love of keeping bees and gives you some of his knowledge in the process

Folk Music and Dance

An article by long serving Down the Lane Forum Member Mo who spends much of the Year teaching, 'calling' and going around the Various Dance Festivals

Visiting WW1 Battlefields around Ypres

This hobby of mine started as a bit of research into finding out where my Grandfathers were dirung the Great War. From there it's escalated to wanting to know more about a great, but sad, time in our History. I also try to show that you can easily do a few things even if on a day trip to Calais.

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