Saturday 30th. April

On my way to visit family in Hastings I left home earlier than required and drove down to Pett Level. Although it was a Bank Holiday Weekend very few people about and those who were weren’t there for the birds. In fact I don’t know what they were there for, maybe the Smugglers Inn

Greylag Geese with babies
Greylag Geese

Not much to be seen on the Beach, a few passing Gulls and that was about it. There could have been something closer to the water’s edge, but with the tide out, you need to know your way around or you’re sinking in the sand.

pett reed-warbler4
The Beach at Pett and close up of the Reed Warbler

Most action was as usual going on around the Pools and Reed beds opposite the Beach and next to the road running between Winchelsea Beach and Fairlight. Nice and flat and slightly sheltered from the wind by the raised banks coast side.

First to my attention was an extremely noisy Reed Warbler. I could hear it darting around and thought I’d have no chance of picking him out, but as luck would have it, for a few brief seconds, he settled on a Reed not more than ten feet away from me. I would imagine he’d not long arrived and busy setting up home and a partner for the Spring and Summer.

Common Terns at Pett Level
Common Terns

Already born were a few Greylag Geese and the two star attractions were a pair of Common Terns who sat on some old fence posts for a good 15 minutes.

I spent around an hour then moved on. It’s strange how you can go somewhere and see very little, but the little you do see are often the best!

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