A blowy and overcast late April day but nice to walk around the fields at the end of the Lane.
In just half a mile I have a stream, fields and a River to play around in, so it’s quite rare not to spot something flying about or creeping through the undergrowth.

Mistle Thrush with Worm

Today produced a Mistle Thrush scurrying around on the footpath and looking at me with a rather satisfying but cautious look! We don’t seem to get Song Thrushes here and it’s not every day I see a Mistle Thrush. All’s the pity, lovely Songbird.

Stream in a Rapeseed field Whitethroat on Rapeseed plant

Just to the other side of the field there’s a rather scruffy hedgerow. When I say scruffy I mean it’s supposed to be, the Farmer is associated to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and the required 15 meter wild buffers around his fields together with strict guidelines on hedge maintenance, gives a green light for many birds to visit.
Prides of place at present are Yellowhammers and Linnets, fine beautiful birds.

Close up of Yellowhammer head

The Rapeseed (thank heavens I don’t suffer with it) seems to be attracting many Whitethroats and are often seen sitting on the top of a Plant blowing around in the wind.
From a distance it’s hard to determine them from the Skylarks which rule the fields down here.

Plenty of song but little actually seen.

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