Great White Egret and Heron Conningbrook Lakes

I read yesterday there was a Great White Egret at Conningbrook Lakes so this morning, rather than take a somewhat boggy walk over the fields I decided to drive the one mile around to the main entrance, it was my lucky day! The Great White Egret and Heron Not only did I instantly see Great […]

Little Egret in flight

Twenty years or so ago it would have been quite an event to see Little Egrets almost anywhere in the UK., but now, especially on eastern and southern shores they are quite common, also spreading themselves inland wherevr there is water….and fish ! Little Egret flying over main lake at Conningbrook They are now quite […]

Conningbrook Lakes by Great Stour

Being the meteorological first day of Winter I thought it would be nice to have a walk around Conningbrook Lakes this morning. The Weather forecast was for it to cloud over at 10am and as the last two nights have produced below freezing temperatures, I wrapped up with four layers. Needless to say they got […]

Young Slow Worm

The weekend started with meeting up with the very knowledgeable birder Neil Burt (See Neil’s Twitter Page) at Conningbrook Lakes. Regret to say that whenever you arrange to meet someone the weather’s bad, but the rain eased at 7.45pm and we had a look at the Little Egrets coming in to roost on the Eco […]

Female Kestrel

It was a hot muggy day when I went to Conningbrook Lakes yesterday so beside Dragon Flies, Butterflies and the usual Heron, Swans, Gulls and Wagtails I didn’t think I’d see much so what a nice surprise it was to sit and watch a female Kestrel predating some afternoon snacks of Dragon Flies and anything […]

Comma Butterfly

A walk around Conningbrook Lakes this morning didn’t produce many birds but the meadow grass and plants alongside the Eco Lake didn’t disappoint as far as Butterflies go. Comma Luckily I timed things just right, it started off quite dull and overcast but by about 11am the sun came through to give a wonderful colour […]

Juvenile Pied Wagtail

I went to Conningbrook Lakes this afternoon for two reasons 1. Hoping to see the reported Turtle Dove and 2. some Snakes. I saw neither of course, but as always, something will take your fancy. Being School Summer Holidays and what I thought was a perfect day for getting out and about after the heatwave, […]

Conningbrook Lakes Wildlife Fence

I hadn’t visited Conningbrook Lakes for a few weeks so what a pleasure it was to have a nice slow pace stroll around and to find this ahead of me.. Not only have they put what must be 200 meters of fencing up, they have also scattered Rubber Mats around to attract Snakes and other […]

Whitethroat Bird UK

Conningbrook Lakes are now a part of Ashford Country Park, made up of four lakes they stretch out over a distance of about one mile. The main lake is to be used more for leisure purposes but ‘the Eco Lake’ is being kept very much more on the lines of a Nature Reserve with much […]

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