A very short description of the Game of Cricket

You have two sides, one out in the field and one in
Each man that's in goes out and when he's out he comes in. The next man goes in until he's out
When they are all out the side that's out comes in and the side that's been in goes out and tries to get those coming in out
Sometimes you get men who are still in and not out
When both sides have been in and out including the not outs
The Games is over.

Unless the game is washed out, in which case no one gets to go in, but everyone stays inside and no one gets out.
The bowling takes place in overs, in which the bowler can hurl the ball as fast as he can at the wicket to get the batsman
out, and the batsman who is in tries to hit the ball as hard as he can.
They seem to enjoy this sort of thing, though no one knows how the ball feels about it.
Each match takes five days but sometimes four, three, two or one.
It takes this long because they need time to figure out who is in, i.e. out, and who is out, i.e. in, and who is not out, but not
yet in.

Fielding positions

Here are the basic fielders positions...

On the Off-side

Slips (placed to catch an edge or 'tickle') - Gulley (to catch a thick edge) - Point - Silly Point -Cover - Cover Point - Extra Cover - Mid Off - Short Mid Off - Silly Mid Off - Long Off

On tehe On-side

Short Leg - Square Leg - Deep Square Leg - Long Fine Leg - Deep Backward Square Leg - Mid On - Short Mid On - Silly Mid On - Long On - Mid Wicket


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