Being frugal in your work life

Save money on many costs of going to work

Maybe too many of us take costs such as travel and food etc. as said and done, there's nothing much to save on, so we get into a routine. By studying our daily spend at work, I'm sure we can all find ways to find much needed savngs which would be far better spent elsewhere. It could be the difference between a holiday and staying at home, or having enough for a newer better Car. It can go wherever you want it to!

Let's grind down the expenditure we may be getting through each day

Travelling to Work or the Station

If we go to work by train, unless we change our work hours to outside Peak, there's no savings to be made.

Say you live 4 miles away from the Station. If you cycled there, you'd save on parking, say £5 per day, Petrol, say £1.50 per day plus wear and tear bearing in mind those shorter journey's are the one's which put more stress on the mechanics etc.

So, already we are looking at £6.50 per day savings, £32.50 per week and based on 315 days work a year, that's £2047 !!! Think what else you could use that money on !

Fair enough, if you're late or the weather is really bad, go by car, but still save proportionately.

The expensive Coffee Habit !

How many people do you see getting off the train, getting out their Car and on the way to their work place, with a Coffee in a throw away Cardboard Cup. How much was that Coffee, say £1.80 - that's £9 per week or £567 per year. Add a Cake onto that, it could be up to £1,000 per year. Then there could be a Newspaper as well!

Then you see some do the same after work as well ! So going to work you could at least take a Thermos, easy to put in a Backpack and could last you through to Lunch as well!

Lunchtime Saving

I've read that the average Office Worker spends £6.50 per day on Lunch, as in a Sandwich, Snacks and Coffee. That equates to £32.50 per week and yet again, £2047 per year.

So from just those three areas of expenditure going to work, we could be, rounding it up to a memorable figure - £5,000.

By cycling or walking to the Station we could cut out £2047 straight away. By skipping the Coffee habit at least by half, another £500 and by taking a Packed Lunch, maybe £1,300 ?
So there are certainly huge savings to be made.

If you looked upon it as a £5,000 pay rise, you'd be pretty chuffed with that I think.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but it does inside a Savings Account !

Healthy in body and in Wallet!

Avoid the dreaded Buffet, take a Flask !

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