Building Rabbit / Guinea Pig Hutches and Runs

Use left over wood to build your projects

I know that many people visiting Down the Lane either have, or are about to have chickens and many have built their own Housing. Members of the Forum have posted many a grand design. If you haven't had our feathered friends, you may have at some stage kept Rabbits or Guinea Pigs and housed them in the garden either permanently or as a Run.

Looking around at the cost of small animal housing, the cost of the Hutch or Run is probably the most costly part of keeping a Pet and there are many a family out there who can afford the Rabbit for instance, but can't go to the cost of some Hutches available.

With this in mind, why not put your DIY expertise to the test and try building a couple? You could sell them at Boot Fairs or by just putting a notice with a picture in a Shop Window!

As a prototype for a larger Ark, I built the one on the right just as a prototype. The overall size is about 5 feet long x 3 feet wide with a housing compartment about 20" deep. It would be ample space for a Pet Rabbit and or Guinea Pig to run around in. To buy a similar size one in a Pet Store would probably be at least £80 - £90. If I sold this, I'd be looking at, say, £65?

Because I pre-planned size and requirements, it only took me about 6 hours to build. Now I know that only makes £43 profit - but that's not bad if it's 'a bit extra' you're looking for and it's all part of the Bigger earning picture.
Plus, if you were making five, the time would probably not be so long.

I have seriously considered making more and advertising. I know it may sound brash, but the reason I don't is the fear that it may take off and building Rabbit and other small Animal housing would be all I'm doing. For me, that's not the point of my downshifting experience.

Therefore I would be looking at it with the view of.....I've got a large Bill coming up, I'll gather all my bits around the house, build a couple of these and have a Boot Fair.

The other alternative is to go smaller and simpler. As long as the product you're selling appeals to people visually and it will do the job required, you could sell quite a few I reckon.
A small 'Summer House with Run' for a Rabbit doesn't have to be an Ark like the picture. It can just be square with suitable / secure sides.

If there's any wood left over, look to make something which suits the size of the wood. You could even try little Bird Feed Tables. These always sell well and if you can get below the prices in Garden Centres and DIY Stores - go for it!

Everyone (thank goodness) isn't like me and may find that this is the future for them, buy some proper tools for the job and manufacture them. The secret is having a market for them

I know from the number of visitors to this website that there is a huge demand out there.

If you have some carpentry and woodworking skills, why not spend a weekend fiddling around in the Shed with all those bits of wood you've accumulated over the years and see what you come up with!

But before you do that, have a good look round at the competition!


A small Ark I built as a prototype


Frugaly minded, see if the local Timber Yard has any off cuts

Safety First !!

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