Local and County Council Casual Jobs

Purposeful work for the community and getting paid for it!

I think that often when we are looking for extra work we overlook the obvious, or at least where to look for part time employment.
The joy of casual work is that you aren't tied down to 'XY' amount of hours a week and by making yourself available to do lots of things, you benefit from a more diverse lifestyle.

Many local and County Councils employ people on a casual labour basis, it's mainly for either work which comes up only once in a while, or for more the inspectorate type jobs which don't always fit into any particular category.

Here's a few jobs I've seen advertised and spoken to people who do them

Electoral Roll Form collecting

Councils send the Electoral Roll forms out quite often (mainly though around Autumn) and people forget to fill them in and send them back. This means someone has to go round and physically see the person and ask them to sign it.

Depending upon the Council and general efficiency of 'Joe Public' this will usually be work for one or two weeks.
I know a Pensioner who does this. He takes his cycle round which as he says "Keeps me fit, I'm 79 you know"!! He gets paid (October 2010) just over £8 per hour for doing it.

Casual jobs at Election Times

Every Election, all be it Local, County, National or European, has to have people employed to do things like manning Polling Stations and doing the Vote count itself.

Often Councils will sound out their Staff for husbands or wives to assist with this, but many don't, so keep an eye open for jobs prior to an Election.

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This of course only happens every ten years, but it could change, plus if ID Cards came in!!!

Again, this is down to the inefficiency of the Public not filling out the forms and someone has to collect them.
The only downer I have heard from someone who does it is that some people can get stroppy, they don't want to fill them in for whatever reason and someone telling them they have doesn't go down too well!

Other Casual Work Councils may have

Often there are seasonal jobs such as Park Attendants, open air Swimming Pool Stewards and tourist related work

Some Councils have a list of 'stand-bys' in case of illness and this can cover many jobs from Health Caring and Cleaning etc.

In Winter, if you have a decent 4x4 Jeep type car, you can put yourself on the list for Road and Track clearing.

I know someone who, should the Environment Department of the County Council get a call of complain about an overgrown footpath or something similar, they've given him some tick sheet type forms and he drives around to wherever it is and does the necessary. It's not often, maybe three or four times a year, but it usually works out at around £40 a go, so four times that is half a holiday !

So, if you're seeking work to add to your collection of job diversity, look at the Local and County Council Websites and see what's going, or pop down and visit them.

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