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Annie Hall's Poultry

Chicken Breeds: Hybrid Chickens

Other Poultry: Bantams

The Old Rectory,
Wapley Hill, Wapley,
Westerleigh, Bristol
BS37 8RJ

Phone Numbers: 01454 323258 / 07979 546 550

email address:


Description_of_Business: We are a one stop chicken shop,selling every thing for chickens including some very nice looking healthy birds.we have a good range of breeds all year around.


Dans Perfect Poultrys Bristol

Chicken Breeds: Pekin Bantams

Other Poultry: Hybrids, Gold Partridge Bantams, Orpington Bantams

The Pony Paddock
Glenfern Yard
Carsons Road Mangotsfield
Bristol BS16 9LP

Phone Numbers: 01454 325832 / 07434 422 400

email address:


Description_of_Business: We are suppliers of day olds to pol hens, ducks, ducklings quails guinea fowl geese turkeys a one stop shop in Bristol for all your poultry needs.


Bristol Poultry

Hybrid Chicken Breeds: Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, Buff Sussex, Blue Maran-Blue Bell, Cuckoo Maran-Speckled Maran, Rhode Rock, Columbian Black Tail, Gold Speckled

Pure BreedPoultry: Barnevelder, Mixed Araucana, Buff Plymouth Rock, Cream Leg Bar,
Dominique, Exchequer Leghorn, Partridge-Brown Leghorn, White Leghorn, Frisian, Gold Wyandotte, Silver Wyandotte, Spangled Orloff, Vorwerk Welsummer

Bristol Poultry
Luggards Cross Farm,
Stone Edge Batch,
Avon, BS21 6SE

Phone Numbers: +44 1275 852 452



Pipinchick Poultry

Hybrid Chicken Breeds: Silkie,Poland,Pekin,Houdan,Aracuna,Sebright

Pure BreedPoultry: Chabo

East Harptree
BS40 6AL



We are a commercial suppler of rare breed
chicken business to business and direct to the public


Westerleigh Poultry

Chicken Breeds: Hybrids , Buff Orpington's , Appenzeller , Tolbunt Polish , Marsh Daisy , Legbars , Welsummer , Buff Splash Wyandotte, Marans

Other Poultry; Chinese Geese , Rheas

Westerleigh Hill Road ,
Westerleigh Road
BS37 8QZ

Phone Numbers: 07528 667 667


I am a small hobby breeder based in Bristol,
I started off with a few hybrids for eggs in my back garden. From there my love for chickens grew, I then started to look at all breeds around the world. And had a great passion and interest in breeds that were unusual and rare.

I have always enjoyed keeping rare and different variety of breeds and my collection has grown, over the years.

I have tried to keep my stock at a manageable level , so I can provide my time on these rare quality breeds.

Currently I have both Bantam and Large fowl chickens, bantams, Geese, ducks, Rheas,

Please phone to enquire about availability of birds/ birds for sale, or for free advice or help at any time.

Many thanks



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Please note: I'm sure you appreciate it is impossible to vet Breeders before listing, we rely on the Information given to us as being honest and with good intent.
Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.


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    What Chickens mean to me

    By Forum Member Julie - I have three chickens who brighten my day and cant wait open the bedroom blinds when i wake to see them, my husband goes to work at 4am ish and opens the coop and attatches the run usually lucy little brown one falls down the ramp into the food pot it is so funny the other shop bought ones dont wake until 8am (shop hours) i heard of people giving them ice lollies with feed in them, ie. pellet lollies, may give them a try ha ha, but yes they are very special, and usually our cat tiddles watches them constantly she tries to say hello and most of the time they dont bother with her but sometimes chase her off, she likes it best when they are in the run when we are at work hates it when we let them out when we get home we are very happy with our chickens, should be a warning about giving them your garden though lol

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