WELSH BORDER BANTAMS Chicken Breeds: BELGIAN BARBU D'ANVERS, WYANDOTTE BANTAMS Other Poultry: QUAILS, JAPANESE, TEXAN, BOBWHITES Address: Oswestry SHROPSHIRE Phone Numbers: 01691 774186 , 07866 228 423 email address: welshborderbantams@hotmail.co.uk Website: www.welshborderbantams.com 'Specialising in Barbu D'Anvers of various colours, Laced Wyandotte Bantams, Hatching Eggs also available - can be posted anywhere in the UK..' ___________________________________________________________ Redbrook Chickens Chicken Breeds: Rhode island reds, Light Sussex, Spangled Hamburghs, Favarolles, Legbars. Speckleds, Magpies, Beecwood Blues, Barred rocks, Rhode Rocks Other Poultry: Pekins, Seramas, Rose combs Address: The Fields, School lane, Bronington, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 3HN. Phone Number: 07901 645961 email address: redbrookchickens@yahoo.co.uk Website: www.redbrookchickens.co.uk 'We are breeders and rearers of pure and hybrid poultry.' ___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ ChickenStreet Chicken Breeds: Large Fowl; Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Ixworth, Barred Plymouth Rock, Brahma (various colours), Owlbeards (White). Bantam; Pekins (Fizzle), German Langshan (Blue), Owlbeard (Gold spangled, Yellow spangled) Other Poultry: Indian Runner Ducks Address: The Stanyards, Whittington, Owestry Phone Number: 01691 657178 email address: enquiry@chickenstreet.co.uk Website: www.chickenstreet.co.uk 'Breeders of pure and rare breed poultry From hatching eggs to point of lay. Hatching eggs available for collection or can be posted. Talks, education, courses and advice' ___________________________________________________________ Cottage Garden Chickens Chicken Breeds: (builders of chicken & duck houses) Other Poultry: POL chickens for the back garden keeper Address: Holly Cottage The Down Bridgnorth SHROPSHIRE WV16 6UA Phone Number: 07976 122631 email address: hello@cottagegardenchickens.co.uk 'designers and builders of quality timber chicken & duck houses for the garden or paddock' ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ The Honeysuckle Homestead Chicken Breeds: *Orpingtons *Wyandottes *Brahmas *Andalucians *Barnevelders *Araucanas *Faverolles *Silkies *Pekins *Sablepoots *Polands *Seramas *Sebrights *Hybrids Other Poultry: Over 40 breeds of domestic duck, mandarins and American Buff geese Address: The Honeysuckle Homestead, Pontesford House, Pontesford, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 0UF Phone Number: 07791 610131 email address: info@theppw.co.uk Website: www.thehoneysucklehomestead.co.uk The Honeysuckle Homestead is home to over 90 rare breed poultry and waterfowl breeding groups. Selling hatching eggs, chicks, ducklings, growers and point of lays across all the breeding groups. Also has a large selection of fully vaccinated hybrid laying hens. ___________________________________________________________ Porter's Poultry Chicken Breeds: Cream Legbars, Hybrid laying hens Other Poultry: Call ducks, Aylesbury ducks Address: Jenton Cleetlon st Mary Cleobury Mortimer Shropshire Dy14 0qp Phone Number: 01584 892098 email address: harryoporter@yahoo.co.uk Website: www.porterspoultry.weebly.com 'Porter's poultry is a small poultry breeding business located in the Shropshire hills. we buy,breed and sell hundreds of birds of different breeds every year, we also sell hatching eggs. For any questions or enquiries please contact us'. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Millwood Poultry Chicken Breeds: 25 breeds of large fowl and bantam pure breeds Other Poultry: Geese, ducks and ornamental waterfowl Address: Hillend, Westhope Craven arms Shropshire SY7 9LH Phone Number: 01588 638633 email address: millwoodpoultry1@gmail.com Website: www.millwoodpoultry.co.uk 'Suppliers of pure breed poultry, large fowl and bantams, also geese and ducks'. ___________________________________________________________ Springhill Poultry and Waterfowl Chicken Breeds: POL Hybrids, Orpingtons, Wyandottes, Welsummers, Vorwerks, Lakenvelders, Pekins, Sablepoots, Rhode Island Reds Other Poultry: Khaki Campbells, Guinea Fow, Bronze Turkeys, Indian Runners, Heavy & Light Ducks Address: Springhill Farm Warrant Road Stoke Heath Market Drayton TF9 2JR Phone Number: 01630 639616 / 07946 651185 email address: springhillpoultryandwaterfowl@hotmail.co.uk Website: www.springhillpoultryandwaterfowl.co.uk 'We specialise in Khaki Campbells from days olds to POL. We also can supply fertile eggs, days olds to point of lays in our 17 different duck breeds and chickens. We hold monthly sales at Countrywide Stores in the Newport and Whitchurch Branches in Shropshire'. ___________________________________________________________ Shropshire Pig and Poultry Centre Chicken Breeds: Beechwood Blues, Rhode Rocks, Speckeldys, Amber Stars, White Stars, light Sussex, Warrens Other Poultry: Aylesbury Ducks, Khaki Campbell Ducks Address: The Farm Shop Shrewsbury Road (A53) Shawbury Shropshire SY4 4NL Phone Number: 01952 541107 / 07837 470 349 email address: sales@shropshirepigadpoultrycentre.co.uk Website: www.shropshirepigandpoultrycentre.co.uk 'We are Leading suppliers in Agricultural Equipment and we rear Commercial Hybrid Poultry'.


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Please note: I'm sure you appreciate it is impossible to vet Breeders before listing, we rely on the Information given to us as being honest and with good intent.
Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.


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