Chicken and Poultry Breeders in Staffordshire

The Chicken Garden

Chicken Breeds: Hybrids full range / pure breeds / Pekins, Sablepoots, Wyndotts, Dutch, Lavender Arucanas, Cream Legbars Light Sussex.

Other Poultry: call Ducks

The Chicken Garden,
Station Road,

Phone Numbers: 07446756077

email address:


'Established breeder,all stock kept and reared free range. Advice freely given, newcomers welcome.'


Chartley Chucks

Chicken Breeds: Cuckoo Maran, Cream Legbar, Speckled Sussex, Leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Booted Bantys, Plymouth Rock etc


Phone Numbers: 07736 960835

email address:



Staffordshire Chickens

Chicken Breeds: Rhode Rocks, Staffordshire Blues, Ambers, Leghorn Stars, Calder Rangers, Sussex, Silver Sussex, Warrens, Speckledys

Other Poultry: Hybrid Chickens


Phone Numbers: 07748 635116 - 07771 767634

email address:


'Suppliers of fully vaccinated Point of Lay Poultry, information and advice'


Poultry Paddock

Chicken Breeds: Point of Lay Hybrids: Bluebelles, Speckledies, Barred Rocks, Black Rock, Columbian Blacktails, White Star, Red Star, Light Sussex Hybrid, Warrens

Other Poultry: Ducks

4 Beechwood Close

Phone Numbers: 0782 118 7160

email address:


'Poultry Breeders and Retailers, we are a family venture located in Newcastle Under Lyme, just 2 minutes from Junction 15 of the M6'



Over 60 pages with information on keeping a Flock - Go to the Down the Lane 'Chicken Keeping, Hens in the Garden' pages

Please note: I'm sure you appreciate it is impossible to vet Breeders before listing, we rely on the Information given to us as being honest and with good intent.
Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.


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    "What Chickens mean to me"

    by Forum Members..

    Our chickens are part of our family and could"nt imagine not keeping chickens after having chickens around for 7 yrs.We love the fact that our children can go out and collect the eggs and help in the everyday care of our chickens.We recently added to our ladies last December with some ex batt ladies when we had them they were a sorry sight to see hardly any feather we could"nt wait to get them to their new home and life,watching their first tentative steps outside and fact they could now wander round gives you such pleasure after knowing how hellish their life was previously.
    4mths on they are full of feathers and happily wandering around in our garden with our other ladies bringing us us so much pleasure as we can watch them out of the window.They all have unique personalities,our leghorn is the mischievous one,our ex batts are so friendly now they will follow our children around outside,you cant get much better than watching your children grow up knowing how to treat animals with the repect they deserve .
    In a nutshell "chickens rule "


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