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Martins Wood Farm

Chicken Breeds: Light Sussex, Black Sussex, Goldline, Barred Rock, White Ranger, Blacktail, Speckled Maran, Rhode Rock, Blue Haze, Amber, Coral, Maran Cuivree and Skyline

Martins Wood Farm
Deanland Road
East Sussex

Phone Numbers: 01323 811877

email address:


'We supply 13 different colourful breeds of fully vaccinated point of lay hybrid hens. Our breeds include Light Sussex, Black Sussex, Goldline, Rhode Rock, White Ranger, Blacktail, Speckled Maran, Amber, Barred Rock, Blue Haze, Maran Cuivree, Coral and Skyline. We have breeds that can lay brown, speckled, white or even blue eggs. We are a one stop poultry shop supplying everything you need to have happy healthy hens.
We offer a Holiday Hen Boarding scheme so your hens can come to us for a holiday when you go away for yours!
We're open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.'


Kingsbrook Farm

Chicken Breeds: Hybrids: Marans Cuivree, Medici, Light Sussex Star, BBF Bluebell, Piggotts White, Piggotts Brown, Redco, Rhode Rock

Other Poultry: Quail

Kingsbrook Farm
The Street
East Sussex

Phone Numbers: 07954 133738

email address:


We rear our hens from day-old chicks. They are used to daily contact with humans from this age, and later on they mix with dogs, cows and a very large horse! As a result they are lovely docile birds, and adapt well to their new homes.

Our hens are free-ranging, healthy, well-grown birds and are all good egg-laying hybrids. All the above hybrids are £16 each at point of lay.

We also hatch our own 'Kingsbrook Dollies' which are cross-breeds and look great. We only have these available for sale occasionally as we keep most of them for ourselves. The price of these varies.

We hatch and rear quail for egg laying. These birds are very easy to keep and lay lots of small but tasty egggs. They are available at various ages and as hatching eggs.

If you would like to know more, please see our Facebook page: Kingsbrook Farm where you can see pictures of the chickens (and other animals) and see the way they live.


Combwell Priory Farming

Chicken Breeds: Buff Orpingon, Cream Leg bars, Sussex, Hybrids, Friesians, Ixworth

Combwell Priory,
East Sussex

Phone Numbers: 0787 9635 769

email address:


Combwell Priory Farming is a family run business, that has been setup to sell the produce that we create in running the estate of Combwell Priory; Hay for livestock, Wood Chip for garden paths beds, Mulch for soil enrichment and weed protection.

We also specialise in Rare Breed chickens, and breed and sell the chickens and fertile eggs of the following breeds: Buff Orpingtons, Friesians, Ixworth, Lohman, Sussex, Hamburg, Cream Leg Bar and Hybrids.

We are located close to the East Sussex Kent boarder, in between Flimwell, Wadhurst, Lamberhurst and Goudhurst, just off the A21.


David Campbell Welsummers

Chicken Breeds: Welsummer

East Sussex

Phone Numbers: 01892 782744



Mantel Farm

Chicken Breeds: Hybrid laying hens, pure breeds, pekin bantams

Mantel Farm
Henley Down
Nr Battle
East Sussex

Phone Numbers: 01424 830357


'We sell hybrid hens throughout the year as well as breeding several pure breeds. '



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Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.


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    "What Chickens mean to me"

    by Forum Members..

    The most surprising and rewarding thing that the hens have done for this family is bring a smile and interest to my elderly housebound mum, she hates the winter and gets the blues but when the girls are out roaming round the garden it gives her a lot of amusement, which is great. She loves their frilly knickers and the way they stand on 1 leg for ages.
    Alex and I love pets and used to keep horses until 9 years ago and strangely enough keeping the chooks have sort of filled the space the horses left both are so relaxing to watch going about their daily routines.
    They are friendly,colourful and so far we are finding them easy to look after even in the snow. The fact that they are so generous with the daily presents we get is a bonus. In 2 short months we have become truly hooked and life won't be the same again. Annie


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