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Pekin Bantams

Chicken Breeds: Pekins

Sawbridge Grounds
CV23 8BB

Phone Numbers: 07940 394346

email address:


'Breeder, enthusiast and exhibitor of Pekin bantams. Garden birds usually available through the summer. Breeders available Autumn/Spring.'


Hoar Park Childrens Farm

Chicken Breeds: Chickens - Large Fowl: Appenzeller, Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Cream Legbar, Maran (Cuckoo), Buff Orpington, Blue Cochin. Bantam - Ancona, Black Orpington, Buff Wyandotte, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buff Wyandotte, Buff Rock, Pekins(Black, White, Silver Birchin, Gold Partridge, Silver Partridge, Lavender, Mottled, Buff Cuckoo)

Other Poultry; Large: Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Khaki Campbell, Crested, Runners, Bali, Pekin, Cayuga. Miniatures - Silver Appleyards, Black East Indian, Calls (White, Black, Silver, Blue bibbed, Apricot) Guinea Fowl hatching eggs available. Japanese Quail also available.

Hoar Park Farm
CV10 0QU

Phone Numbers: 02476 398334



The Cotswold Goodlife Company

Chicken Breeds: 12 varieties of hybrid pullets. Pure breeds inc Cream Legbar, Orpington, Welsummer and Marans as well as Pekin bantams, Silkie and Sussex.

Other Poultry; Ducks, Guinea fowl and Quail

Edgehill Stud
Stratford Road
CV35 0DX

Phone Numbers: 01608 683 912

email address:


'Cotswold Chickens, part of the Cotswold Goodlife Company, has a great selection of poultry, housing and supplements for sale at our brand new purpose-built premises nr Stratford-upon-Avon - everything you need for keeping poultry... and more!
We sell a selection of 12 Hybrid laying pullets, ducks, quail and table birds with a selection of 5 pure-breeds of chickens available.

We have a wide range of poultry housing available, from innovative and modern plastic housing to traditional and classic wooden coops.
Our website it kept fully up-to-date with the pullets availability.

Open 10am-5pm 7 days a week - late night until 8pm on Thursday'.



Chicken Breeds: Silkies, Booted Pekins, Polish, Copper Black Marans, Malaysian Serama

2 Alderham Cottages
Debden Hollows
CV35 8DA

Phone Numbers: 07599 246 332

email address:


'Cockodoodles is nestled in the heart of Warwickshire, based in Barford just on the outskirts of Warwick. We specialise in breeding traditional & rare breeds of poultry from, Pekins, Polish, Silkies, True Copper Black Marans, Thuringian and Malaysian Serama.
Please give us a call to check availability


Domestic Fowl Trust

Chicken Breeds: Sussex Star, Bluebelle, Daisybelle, Blackstar, Ranger, Bantams, pure breeds

Other Breeds: Quail, ducks

Pigeon Green
Snitterfield Lane

Phone Numbers: 01789 850 046

email address:


'Established in 1976, the Domestic Fowl Trust exists to encourage the keeping of poultry & help new owners discover the joys of having their own hens. We sell a large range of poultry equipment, chicken houses, health products, bedding and hen food (available through our web site) as well as a range of different breeds of chickens especially suitable for the back garden poultry keeper '.


Meadow View Chickens

Chicken Breeds: Blues, Sussex, Silver Sussex, Commerical, Rhode Rock, Speckledy, Barred Rock, Tri Colour, Splash, Partirdge, White Star, Blue Egg Layers

Lindley Lodge Farm,
Nuneaton ,
CV13 6AB

Phone Numbers: 07971 622 347 / 07971 622 347

email address:


'A professional run business, selling a large variety of POL hens. All Fully Vaccinated. Over 14 Hybrid Breeds to choose from and a range of bantams. '.


Chickens of Brum

3 Beaudesert Road

Phone Numbers: 07912 325 880

email address:


'We sell a wide range of chickens including Sussex, pekins, polish, silkies and warrens '.



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Please note: I'm sure you appreciate it is impossible to vet Breeders before listing, we rely on the Information given to us as being honest and with good intent.
Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.



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