Chicken Breeds - Amber Star

An attractive Chicken with shades of brown

amber star chicken

The Amber Star Chicken is a hybrid.

They are normally a good egg layer and you should be getting up to 300 eggs per year (no amount is ever guaranteed though!).

Known to be a fairly placid breed, they make very good Pets and the little bits of Brown in them make each Hen fairly easy to pick out.

Amber Star owners say..

Ours is very comical with her huge comb, always comes running when she sees you for a treat or two.


I had two Amber Star Hens a few years back. Compared to the other Breeds I had at the time, they came over as being for want of a better word, Ladies! They were very placid, easy to approach and had very fine soft Feathers.

Much easier to find when it's getting dark as well!!


amber star
Always inquisitive these Chickens!


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