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Profilic egg layers for the back garden flock

Black Rock Chicken
Photo by Forum Member Robert

Black Rock Chickens are an American bred Hen. Known to lay 280 eggs per annum, they are hugely popular with back garden Chicken Keepers. They are known to be very docile birds and love the outdoor life whatever the weather.

Black Rock owners say..

My Black Rocks mix very well with other breeds. They will look after themselves but are rarely the aggressor.
The first two years we had uninterupted egg laying throughout winter. As the hens have become older 5 / 6 years - they still lay daily during the summer months but egg laying tails off from Oct / November onwards until the days lengthen in Spring - Willow


Keep themselves to themselves, seemed to like their own breed's company
We average 5 eggs a week from our Black Rock, now the clocks have gone back this is now down to probably 3 a week. we find them a very friendly breed, she seems almost water proof, standing out in heavy rain that leaves other breeds drenched right through.

Never gone broody. A tip a farmer friend gave me is to look for a nice round eye, that usually indicates a good layer, hens with slightly oval eyes tend to lay less, apparently an old trick that seems to have been forgotten. - Robert


I had two Black Rock Chickens mixed in with some Light Sussex and ex-Battery Hens, they paired off and seemed to keep themselves to themselves.
Lovely Eggs with rich texture. One of the best breeds I've kept - Richard


Black Rock Hen

Two photo's of my Black Rocks. The lower showing one of them mixing in with the ex-battery hens

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