Chicken Breeds - Bluebelle

A large but very docile Hen

bluebelle chicken

Bluebelle Chickens are quite a large breed and often have quite long legs. Some can have a fairly dark collar whereas some may have a grey. They are said to be a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Maran.

They lay very well, the Eggs being a beautiful dark brown

Bluebelle owners say..

My bluebell is slightly larger than my other girls and certainly the fluffiest: she gets 5 times bigger when she shakes out her feathers! Give her another couple of weeks and I am sure she will have caught up - chick&cats

I kept Bluebelle Hens for some ten years. I found them very placid, good layers. Mine were quite tall, quick and always a joy to watch scratching around the Garden - Monica, Hertfordshire

My Bluebelle is Top Hen, lovely to look at but not very friendly, when we first got her she was a night mare to catch. 2 years on, erm - Forum Member 'Sazchops'

I have a bluebelle who I know has french maran in her as she lays rich dark brown eggs. She's lovely to look at, but not particularly friendly - she'll walk around me but not tolerate being stroked and if I ever try to pick her up....!!! - Forum Member Luna

My Bluebelle is one of the most friendly Hen's I've ever had! - Forum Member Benny

Another very nosey Chicken!


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