Chicken Breeds - Legbar

Full of Colour - and Eggs!

legbar chicken

The Legbar Hen is most known for it's laying of blue eggs.

Although originally believed to be a mixture of three Breeds, it is now classed as a pure Breed.

They are a very flighty breed, some may say anti-social to Humans, but they don't like interference much so can be quite a handful to catch should you need to do so. There again, some and some.

If buying POL, bear in mind they are not known to start laying as early as some. The amount of Eggs you will get is not clear; some people say 300 a year and others as little as 150, but even that's 3 / 4 eggs per week.

They're an attractive bird and look really good roaming around the Pen or Garden.

Cream Legbar
Cream Legbar

legbar cream crested
Legbar Cream Crested

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