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A strong willed breed, full of Character

Leghorn White

Leghorn Chickens are another variety originating from Italy, in Tuscany to be precise. The name 'Leghorn' was the English Term for the Tuscan Port of Livorno.

They are known to be good layers of white eggs, but can be a bit flighty and not very responsive to human's. They are profilic foragers, so would suit a large Run where they have space to scratch and explore.

Leghorn owners say..

My Leghorns are excellent layers of very large white eggs. They are of fairly good temperament, but very noisy and quite flighty.
They seem to mix well with other white birds, but have been known to bully a little
Overall they are a very intelligent and nosey breed. Of all the birds I keep, they are the noisiest and most dominant. But - she's a pretty and slender bird - by Anon


Excellent large white eggs. Mine have fairly good temperament, but a little flighty. Very hard to approach ubnless laying or roosting.
Bossy to other Hen's, seldom broody, often changes places where they lay. - Steve the Gas

Leghorn Exchequer

We've had our Leghorn a fairly short time, so can't say too much yet. At present they are laying almost every day (if they miss a day, we usually get a Double Yoker the next!).
At present they are mixing with Hens well, but noticeable only with those who are about the same size.
Ours is very comical with her huge comb, always comes running when she sees you for a treat or two - Paul (Forum Member feckle)

Leghorn Cockerel
Leghorn Brown Cockerel

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