Chicken Breeds - Orpingtons

A popular & beautiful breed of Chicken

Buff Orpington Chicken

The Orpington breed derives from the town in Kent bearing the same name, a very attractive bird so very popular as a Show Bird
It is said that because of their fluffy type feathers that they don't like the rain very much, but try telling as Chicken what's good for them and what isn't! Their feathers of course help as insulation, so they're quite happy in colder weather and need to have ample ventilation in hotter climates.
All in all, a very fine bird to have in your back garden Chicken flock and not known to have too many problems.

Orpington Hen owners say..

Orpington - Egg laying bit up and down, not many through Winter. The eggs are medium sized and a creamy colour.
Found their temperament to be very good and mix in with the other Hens very well
In general, a sweet tempered breed, calm, not nasty to other breeds and just get on with their life. Plus, they are very beautiful - Wendy Bell

Blue Orpington - Egg laying is up and down, cream medium sized eggs. Fairly good temperament and will feed from your hands when called. Frequently broody.

Lavender Orpington Chicken
Lavender Orpington

Partridge Orpington Chicken
Orpington Partridge

Cuckoo Orpington Chicken
Cuckoo Orpington

Silver Birchen Orpington Hen
Silver Birchen

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