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A reliable and dependable egg laying breed

Sussex Chickens

There are 8 variations of Sussex Chickens, probably because the breed goes right the way back to Roman occupied Britian!

The main colours are;
Brown, Buff, Light, Red, Speckled, Silver, White and Coronation .

Probably the most popular is the Light Sussex. All Sussex Hen's are good layers and ideal for back garden chicken keeping.
Most Broiler Chickens are said to be related to this breed.

Sussex Chicken owners say..

I have one Speckled Sussex Hen. Ups and downs with egg laying and seems to go off lay in Winter, more so than my other Hybrids.

She's pretty average in temperament with the other Chickens. She does seem to get picked on quite a bit, but will stand up to that well.

She is a very beautiful and has a good temerament. Her egg production does drop a bit in the winter and as she is often broody in the summer so eggs can be a bit hit and miss but when she is laying regularly, they average about 5 per week. I would recommend this bird - Mad Chick .

I've kept both Speckled Sussex and Light Sussex Hens. They seem to like each other's company, so maybe good to get two rather than one.

Great Layers of large white / creamy Egg's.

Mine kept themselves pretty much to themselves. - Richard

Speckled Sussex Chicken
Speckled Sussex


Young Light Sussex

Light Sussex Cockerel
Light Sussex Cockerel

Young Buff Sussex Hen
Young Buff Sussex

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