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A tidy and clean looking bird with a good temperament.

Vorwerk Chicken

As the name strongly suggests, the Vorwerk Chicken originates from Germany. It is a breed developed from the mixing of various other's including the Orpington and Sussex and you can see these characteristics in the photo above.

Vorwerks are bred for both food and egg production. They are said to be less flighty than others (but not according to the words below!) and food wise, quite economical to keep. They are not known for laying an enormous amount of eggs and on average lay 170 per year.

Vorwerk Chicken owners say..

Mine lay's a reasonable amount of eggs and does not seem to stop through the Winter months. The eggs are cream coloured and of a medium size.

She has a good temperament and get's on well with the other Chickens, but loves beating the others to any food by diving in, grabbing what she can and scampering off!

A very striking pretty little hen.. She is flightly but funny with it as she will use her speed to get the best treats and to get out of trouble. Very vocal when she's scared and when she's laid.

by Forum Member Willow

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