Collecting your Chickens

What to use for transporting your chickens

Collecting your Chickens may seem quite an easy task and in most cases it is.

However, there are some important things to consider. I've heard stories of Chickens dying en route, Chickens escaping in the back of the Car and Chickens de-hydrating or in general poor health when reaching their destination.

What to transport your new Chickens in

To be fair, it's not really cost effective to purchase a proper Bird Carrier if you're only going to use it once, or just a few times.

Ways to collect Chickens

Cat / Pet Baskets

are good, they're usually well ventilated and have ample opening not to make the Chicken feel too claustiphobic.

When I've used them, I've placed them in the back of the car either on the seat or the seats pulled down - do not put in Boot). Facing the door of the basket against the side of the car or the back rest will darken it a little - this should make them a bit calmer.

A basket will hold two smaller Chickens (POL or Ex-Batts) quite comfortably, but with any of the larger Hybrids, I'd just put one inside.

Dog Carriers

Another good form of transportation, but do put something over the top and three sides as the Cat Basket

Other Methods

Cardboard Boxes. Beware with this. Don't forget that people less fortunate than ourselves sleep in thsese, the reason being they insulate heat and keep people warm.

On a hot summers day this could be very dangerous, so ensure there is ample ventilation all round, thus causing through draughts

Finally, I must say I came up with a good one, frugal as well. You will see in the top picture I got two large bread baskets , tied one side together to make a hinge, put the Hens in and tied the other side.

Absolutely ideal; right height, not too open and ample ventilation.

Just ask a Supermarket if they have a couple spare - often you find they have simply been thrown away in a Skip


Special care should be taken on a summers day. Open windows and shade the chickens from the Sun.

Do not overpack them, they could injure themselves or if they panicked, the stress would do them no good atall.

Try to keep journeys as short as possible. It's more than likely the first journey they've ever had

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By the way, don't worry if you find yourself talking to them about the nice home they're going to and how happy they're going to be - I do !!


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