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4th - 18th. December 2009

Last week it was a damp mild Autumn, this week it's bleak Winter with snow to match. The good news is that it will at least put off a couple of outdoor jobs I was supposed to be doing, allowing me a bit of time to work on the Website. The bad news is I need the money!

The last two weeks have given me an opportunity to decorate a couple of rooms in MY home! I managed to do the small back bedroom / indoor PC Room and my Bedroom. With time not on my side I managed both rooms; ceilings, walls, windows, skirting's etc. all in just under four days. At least, should the Royal Families Car break down at the end of the Lane, at least I can now put them up for the night without too much embarrassment, although should Prince Philip use the back room, the siting of the Camp Bed would mean his head being underneath the Clothes Rail. Mind you, I expect he's done it before!!

The Cats are a real pain at the moment, bored basically and seem to have a plan of getting in my way as much as possible. I can't work out why, when I'm either out or asleep, they will use the cat flap, but if I'm in, they find it an impossible task and constantly bang on it until I open the door for them.
Working at home can be very pleasant, but can have it's distractions like the Cats, the Phone, the phone call with the 'would you just' tag at the start of it. I seem to be going round in circles and getting to Point B. from Point A. via C. and D!!

The Chickens and the Cold

They don't seem to mind the cold at all. Even in the snow, they are busying themselves scratching and digging around for snippets of whatever. Many people email me about whether they should put Heaters in the Shed, Lights or knit them jumpers etc., but I'm always reminded they have a built in feather duvet cover and are native Jungle Fowl. A long time ago when they really free ranged, I'd find them on snowy mornings sleeping in tree's, the Coal Shed and on one occasion, carefully balanced on my Bicycle cross bar!

They'll snuggle up together and as long as the Shed is pretty dry and cosy, no problems.

Christmas is coming!

I don't wish to sound a miserable old git, but I have to admit to finding the Christmas thing a tad over the top nowadays. I guess the clue to feeling like this is in the old. I recall with delight the Christmas of old; the Holly decorations, candles, Christmas Eve, the expectancy and the few but much adored presents on Christmas morning and not one costing more than about ten bob!

Nowadays, Kids see anything under around £200 as an insult to their pride. It all seems about money and an excuse to get absolutely plastered.

But I shall enjoy the time as in seeing my kids and their's. I think that Christmas with the family puts a realization into yourself that time moves on - yesterday was yours, tomorrow is their's and I have no doubt that should my Grandchildren write a similar Website in 55 years time, they will probably say "Kids of today see any present under £500 as an insult". It's all relative and we are but custodians of our Era.

I have to admit I'm glad with my Shed. I'm sitting out here now, the snow is falling, I have an economy saving Heater and I'm snug and warm to match. I was out here the other day and had a lovely snooze for an hour, went back in the House and froze!

Next week I have a few small jobs to do over the Lane, then a couple more presents to search out for down town. I've found the best time to shop is to get there just as they're opening. I don't mess around at the Shops, I see something, "Yeap, that's right", buy it and get out quick. For food shopping I usually try around 8pm when they're selling things off at silly prices. This though often means buying a super bargain, only to come home and find the Freezer is still full from the week before's irresistible purchase!

Next year the Diary will change pages. I'm setting up an new system for it, much easier to write, much easier to follow and each entry will remain a page unto itself keeping the photo's etc. I shall re-direct you accordingly.

So, until the final entry and review of the year at the end of the Month, please have a peaceful and loving Christmas full of your expectations and hopes for the future.

Have a good one!

18th - 31st. December 2009

Well, that's it then, another year and goodbye to some good times and not so good ones as well. That's what it's all about I think, the older you get the more experiences you get and although each one is a new one, they all add up to learning and putting a few more things under your belt.

The first part of Christmas was pretty quiet going out wise. I had a good day at Leo's house on Christmas Day and the Italian route. I spent Boxing Day on my own, then Sunday travelled to Penshurst for a family 'doo', very good and nice to see the whole family as one, a fairly rare event and I don't think it had happened for about the last five years.

Then Monday, it was off to Southampton, returning this morning (the 1st). That was very good for many reasons. The Grand Kids took it upon themselves to want to play in their Bedroom, the weather was awful so we didn't go out anywhere and that gave Vicky and myself a bit of quiet time together.
The only thing was that the sitting around made me doze off a couple of times each day, but it was a reminder that I'd got a tad worn out preceding Christmas.
A good time had by all.

It's about now that I begin to think Spring and the Cricket Season. All of a sudden it's closer to the start of the season than the end of the last one. Although I never wish time away, the thought of warmth and the hussle bussle of the Cricket Club does motivate me.
There's a chance I may be working there a couple of days a week soon and that will do me good. Although I'm immensely grateful for the work I get over the Lane, you can tend to lose that 'routine' motivation.

Memories of Summer!

Meanwhile the Chickens are still holding up well in the cold weather and don't seem to mind it at all. The rats seem to have vanished for a while. In fact the hardest part of the winter is usually for the Chicken Keeper and not the birds themselves. You can often think of better things to do than clean out the muck from the Chicken Shed on a cold horrible December or January Day.

As I said in the last entry, the Diary is moving to it's very own 'Blog' type system in 2010. The pages are already set up and ready to roll. What this will give us is that each entry will become it's own page and will also save the relevant photos as well.

The link for the new Diary Section IS HERE

So a shorter entry than usual, but with Christmas, there hasn't really been a lot of drame to relate. Maybe that's a good thing, but maybe my life is becoming mundane !! - I don't think so!


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