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Down the Lane and the Media

One day I could be famous !!!


2012 - Above - ITV Meridian 'Sporting Unsung Heroes'

2005 - "ITV Meridian 'Focus' brought out a Documentary and visited me at Canterbury Cricket Ground to do a feature on Downshifting.

2006 - South Korean TV spent a day down the Lane generally as a fly on the wall whilst we went about our business of cheapskating and producing food for the Larder.


2008 - Two appearances here, both for BBC Radio Kent. One on a programme about downshifting and the other as 'Oddjob Man', a phone in quiz to try and guess my job! The link to this is on the right.

Press and Major Websites

2014 - Kent Life article on Frugality (see right)

2013- Kent News - 'Retirement holds no Barriers' & Kent Sports News 'Cannon calls time on Kent job'

2011 - Kent CCC - 'Dickie Cannon cycles to success' (John O'Groats to Land's End')

2008 - A mention in a Daily Telegraph article about downshifting.

2008 - The Independant on Sunday asked for comments on celebs going fruga. Article

2008 - Another mention by the Guardian regarding self reliance in the garden.

2009 - Your Ashford, local newspaper. A feature on me regarding the seeking of a better way of life (link on right)

2009 - Vegetarian Magazine . Double Page Spread article on Keeping Ex-Battery Chickens

2009 - The BBC2 Home Page linked to the Blog Article on 'My ideas for the Dragons Den'.

2006 - BBC Main Web site refers to Down the Lane in a feature article on Battery Hens.

Kent County Cricket Club - A brief Intro on my Job. Click here

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