The last few weeks have been as if I’ve just come out of winter hibernation.
From having a virtually empty Diary I’ve gone into the mode of non stop tooing and froing with a diversity of activities!

Spring Garden down the Lane

A bit of Work

I’m forever saying I’m not going to do any more work and will go to graze busying myself with social hobby activities alongside running the web site.
Then I get a phone call asking if I can do a couple of little jobs and knowing that will end up with a few weeks worth, I agree!
To be fair though, the people have been so good to me over the last 12 years or so, when I’ve been financially rock bottom they’ve come to my rescue and we’ve formed a very trusting and rewarding relaionship.
Another couple of days and it’s done………until the next time!
I’ve also had a few nights house sitting which I enjoy. It’s not far away and again, two extremely nice people I do it for.


I’ve just returned from six days looking after my daughter’s pets whilst they were in France. The weather whilst there was very pleasant and it was nice to get some good walks in with the dog. Walking with five layers on in drizzle plus getting your shoes covered in mud isn’t my exact idea of a fun walk about!

In fact I’m back down there for another six days starting Monday. Regret I have a funeral to go to, then staying on as my son, daughter and myself are going on one of these organized Ghost Walks Friday night.
Not 100% come to terms with it being the right thing to do, but you won’t know if you don’t do it.
I can always do a runner half way through, it’s not far from my daughter’s house!

Goldfinch eating Nyger Seed Ginger Cat asleep
Left: Success! Goldfinches, after 8 years return down the Lane!! Right: Ginger enjoying the warm Spring Weather (it won’t last!!)


In the short time I’ve had I’ve managed to cut the grass for the first time this year, dig more of the Veggie Patch, sow seeds, dig the flower beds and had a general tidy up all round.
Still looks a mess mind you!

It appears we have a problem with Mice though as many seeds have been eaten with tell tale small holes going down around them.
It’s mainly been in the Greenhouse and outside, the Broad Beans. I have a fear it’s going to be one of those years.
Plod on and see!


Much happening here but regret I haven’t had any time to go out looking further than the fields around me.
It’s wonderful to see the Skylarks and Butterflies back. My Landlord Farmer is with the Environmental Stewardship Scheme and has left 12 meter buffers around the fields, these are really working.
On the other side of the Lane where that Farmer isn’t in the scheme and grows his crops right up to the very edge of the field, you hardly see or hear anything.

It saddens me that thus far in the Election Campaign thre has hardly been anything said about our environment and nature conservation.

From week after next I’m not quite so busy and hopefully active more around the environment of my own domain!
I’ve put emphasis on attracting even more wildlife in the Garden this year and hoping for a eco-system of sorts.
Glad to say the Ladybirds have arrived so watch out Aphids. Frogs and Toads to follow I hope, Bats out and about more.
I’d like a few Owls for the Mice problem though!

It’s a great time of the year, the motivation is back – it’s just getting the body to think the same as the brain!

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