A Frugal Purchase ??

romahome r10 one man campervan

I’ve loved camping in the past but have to admit of late, the bones and other somewhat essential parts of my body have indicated that changes need to be made!
In June I ventured up to Scotland for 11 days, loved it, but because of where I wanted to stay it meant Hotels – cost a fortune !!

I’d been thinking about a Camper Van for some while but a large one would mean me having two vehicles on the road so not a sound financial investment.
I then came accross the Romahome R10, basically a Citroen Nemo converted to a one man camper by a Company on the Isle of Wight.

It has all I need; a Stove, Sink, Porta Potti, comfortable seating, upon lowering the passenger seat a nice long single bed and a 1.4 Diesel Engine which does 60mpg.
At 6’3″ tall with the roof down it will go into almost every Car Park there is.

So my bird and wildlife photography can now both cheaper and more often, a great deal I think!
Needless to say I sold the car as this doubles up as both.

interior of Romahome

Around the House and Garden

After quite a spell of house sitting for my family and someone else I’ve actually had the last 8 days at home.
The weather has been good and the stinging nettles in the woods have more or less died off, a fine opportunity to do a job I always enjoy, wood foraging.
The Landlord allows me to help myself so no legality situation.
Thus far about 5 trips have enabled around 5 weeks worth of kindling and medium wood.

The Vegetable Garden has had what must be one of the least successful years. Some things are just late such as Runner Beans and Carrots, but overall not much in the way of Beetroot, Courgettes (very rare) and Squash.
Earlier success stories are the Tomatoes in the Greenhouse and the Mangetout which have both done exceedingly well.
The Onions were plentiful but on the small side.

My one remaining Chicken seems happy enough. I was concerned about her being on her own and couldn’t find someone to take her on but she carries on quite happily.
She is, for an ex-battery hen quite old at 5 ears, who knows!

I would love to still keep Chickens but suffering from the herniated disc, a large lawn to cut and Vegetable Patch to dig, I feel the time is right.
I’ve had some 16 years of happy hen keeping and will always continue my interest especially with anyone who needs any help etc.

stacks of foraged wood tomatoes from the greenhouse


Unfortunately after returning from Scotland I had a bit of ill health and more physical work is on hold for a while.
Doing the garden is fine, just a case of pacing yourself really. The days of getting out there at sun up and not coming in until a certain job is done is past!

foraging firewood

Obviously it has meant me giving up the oddjobbing, worst part of that is I’d just started a job which was going to take around 40 hours to complete (I know, 40 hour job is not oddjobbing!!).
In turn this effects my income a fair bit, but I get by, just a case of returning more to my frugal ways and strangely I quite enjoy that.

Tomorrow I’m off to Southampton for 11 days, looking after my son’s place and their two cats.
Hopefully I can get the odd nice weather day and venture down to Hamble, Warsash and Titchmarsh for a spot of bird watching, should be some migration going on.
It never ceases to amaze me how far birds travel for their seasonal homes…natures wonder !

Finally I have just started a Contract with a new Newsletter Hosting Company, if you wish to receive regular up-dates on anything going on Down the Lane, please fill out the Form on this page .

2 Comments on “13th. September 2015”

By Linton Rafferty. October 27th, 2015 at 12:39

Richard, your website has been nothing short of inspirational. Regarding thr subject of age, Ive seen guys in their seventies acting like naughty schoolboys and guys in their twenties ready for a pipe, flat cap and slippers. In short its all about your attitude to life. Aches and pains are a different matter. I believe its all about finding new ways to do the old chores. What about charging people wanting to learn about vegetable gardening their labour in return for your know how? Digging over your patch in return for a share of the harvest? Helping you care for chickens where they maybe dont have space to keep their own? I totally agree with you. Its all about finding new ways to do the things we enjoy while sticking two fingers up at old father time. Keep the posts cominv mate, and good luck!!

By admin . November 19th, 2015 at 17:27

Sorry this hasn’t been put on before now, the notification was in spam! However, very many thanks for your kind comments Linton. Richard

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