The last weeks or so have once more been busy both at home and elsewhere

In the Garden

In between the wet days (I’m a fair weather Gardener !) I’ve been cutting grass, cutting things back and weeding.

Vegetable Garden in May

In the Vegetable Patch the Mice got the second lots of Carrots I sowed so yet more have gone in.
Everything else, touch wood, appears relatively trouble free.

Today I planted out the Mangetout, or Posh Peoples Peas as I call them. They were looking quite OK still in Pots up to about three days ago but suddenly started to fly. The 27 Plants are now in their own bed with sticks and string surrounded by netting, bits of old Fence and an upturned bread basket. Last year the Pigeons got to many of them, this year by setting up protection for all ngles, I hope they’ll be OK.
Just hoping Mice don’t like them!

The second lot of Onions are taking shape (115 in total). As the Mice didn’t seem to like the Stuttgarters I’ve sown some Beetroot and Carrots amongst them.

The Runner Beans are all planted out and have found their way around the poles, just 14 this year. Again, I’ve put Onions and Beetroot along the inside of them. This has worked well in previous years.

Next out are the ‘three sisters’, Courgettes, Sweet Corn and French Beans all mixed together.

Tomatoes growing in Greenhouse Tomato Plants

In the Greenhouses we’ve 32 Tomato Plants going, three Varieties plus Chilli’s, Peppers, Lettuce and more.

Here’s hoping!! The weather has been so changeable though, one very warm day followed by three colder ones seems to be this years routine.

Outside the Lane

My work at the big house is never ending, I’m now on to repairing and painting three more gates, a Gazebo and two doors!
The weather has not been kind in this either, but plodding on, it’s all money in the Bank!

Yesterday evening I finally got to watch my first Cricket Match this season when Kent played, also beat, Sussex.
We lost the first two games and drew the third. This being the fourth game, it was pretty obvious my presence was the reason for this great win!

It was good to see the Player’s and Staff again, I miss it a lot, but the body said time was up…so be it.
Kent and England Player James Tredwell and myself had a good conversation on Vegetable growing and Chickens though – he has the passion as I have.
If ever we wanted to clear the Dressing Room we’d just start talking Carrots or something. After five minutes we had the place to ourselves!

Male and Female Greenfinches

Garden Wildlife

Another success story, Greenfinches paid a visit this morning, haven’t seen any down here for years. Them and the Goldfinches returning too I see as a great result of supplying various mixtures of food spread out around the Garden.

I’ve just treated myself to a Trail Camera and for the first few days set it up by the Bonfire area. I know we have Rabbits there but keen to see what the Foxes are up to.

Another Ferret got dumped down the Lane last week and found it’s way to my neighbours house. After some cunning tricks we finally got it into a Cage.
The neighbour then put a post in Facebook to find a home for it. Within a day it had a new home with someone who obviously loves her Pets. These include three Ferrets.

Happy endings!

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