For those who visit the Diary page on a regular basis, you will have noted I haven’t made an entry since September. Apologies.

Three years ago I had the Cricket job, oddjobbing, house sitting and more, now it’s just house sitting so in other words it’s been difficult to write something you’ve not read before !!

Short Eared Owl at Sandwich

Also, I am now down to my last Chicken. With so many things changing around me I have decided the next chapter must begin and it’s unfair to still keep Chickens when I rely on someone else looking after them whilst I’m off on my many overnighters here, there and everywhere else. It won’t of course stop me writing about and still loving them!
Cutting a long story short, a wee health hiccup has put my thinking cap on – there’s no harm in that, we should always have one on!
I should say I’m not about to peg it, well I hope not anyway!!!

After a big re-think on everything Down the Lane, I will now be concentrating more on around the home and garden with special emphasis on Garden and other Wildlife.

Garden Wildlife

The great news is a Hedgehog has chosen one of my DIY Hedgehog Houses to hibernate in.
A couple of weeks ago I did an inspection around my many wildlife houses, came to the one under the Laurel Bush, opened the lid and noticed the twigs and leaves I’d put in there had become more tightly packed.
Expecting a Rat to suddenly leap out I carefully opened the top of the stack and there it was snoozing away.
I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye, I’ve been trying to attract them to the Garden for a few years and suddenly in August, two started to venture in.
(See my Hedgehog House with Sizes here)

Buzzard down the Lane Goldcrest being ringed at Dungeness BTO
click photos for full size

I’m now hoping the House will be used for rearing some youngsters next Spring!

I’ve been doing a fair amount of bird spotting and photography of late with visits to Dungeness, Pegwell Bay, Sandwich, Rye Harbour and when in Netley to Warsash and Titchfield.
Close at hand I have Conningbrook Country Park less than a mile away and Eastwell Manor Lakes just a stones throw away.
It’s a great time of the year with birds leaving and arriving, the highlight definitely being the Short Eared Owl at Sandwich though.

Having the Camper Van ( see photos in last Diary entry ) has helped enormously. I haven’t slept in it yet but for days out it’s ideal, I can take a break, have a brew up, eat in the back and doze off afterwards. I am getting older !!

Next year I have plans for Northumberland, Scotland, South Wales and the West Country.
This will also enable me to hopefully meet up with some Forum and Facebook Members.
Have you a quiet driveway with a hook up? Oh., and one Sugar in my Coffee thank you !!!!!

Hedgehog Hibernation House
“Shhhhh, wake me up in March”

The Web Site

I’ve changed quite a bit techy wise of late and eagle eyed Visitors may notice there are a few design changes afoot.

I have also started a new web site ‘Dickies Birds’ Thus far about 18 pages, but after I’ve photoshopped a load more photos this should end up with about 80 pages plus a Blog.

Spending more time at home does have advantages.

Two new pages – Making Leaf Mould plus a really good moan in the Blog.. ‘Special Days – Special Offers’ !!

I think that some see retirement a bit like that TV Programme ‘Waiting for God’, my downshifting days are long ago and far away now – new adventures are calling and whilst I have the health to do them, I intend to do so! As one car sign puts it….’Adventure before Dementia’ !
Just a case of finding new horizons and pacing yourself to fit.

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