My first entry of 2016, somewhat late I agree and no real good enough excuse for it !
So, happy new year and may it be a good one.

Since my last post in December much has been happening with very few days spent at home.
Christmas was spent as usual in Southampton, as chaotic but great as ever. In fact if anything it was the quietest one I can recall!

Upon returning I started a few nights of house sitting and whilst doing that I had a Cyst removed from my forehead. Better out than in as they say.
The Nurse, before the surgery asked if I was nervous, I just replied that in no way was I worried, if that’s the sort of thing I have to put up with at 67, good news, I can think of many a thing a lot worse !

Inside Romahome R10
Lunchtime at Dungeness

Getting out and about

I’ve enjoyed a few days out in my Romahome Camper, not sleeping (too cold!!), just going around a few good Sites for birdwatching; Dungeness and the coastline from Rye Harbour to Folkestone.
Having a Stove, a proper seat and table in the back really does make for a good time. I keep Coffee / Sugar etc in there the whole time so it’s just making a Sandwich, putting some milk in a bottle and away I go.
I’m hoping to get a few days on the East Coast end of March, then in July just getting in it, driving to Scotland, then go where the wind takes me.
I can use it for ‘wild camping’, but a hook up would five me the appropriate electricity for heating (last summer, mid-summers day at Bettyhill was 7 degrees!!) and the Laptop.
I have mobile broadband, so can lose myself somewhere but still keep in contact.

Blue skies on the Romney Marshes!

Around the Home and Garden

I’ve finally used up the wood from the old barn doors which blew down 7 years ago, the wooden panels made for good kindling. So, along with the medium size stuff, I need to forage the woods more often.

It must be the month of the wood, because the carpet in the hallway finally shredded, so the last couple of days have been spent sanding down the floorboards and painting them.
This led to being quite a slow job as I had to platform sections for Ginger the Cat to go over without having him licking off any nasty stuff from his paws. All done now though.

The recent dry weather, although freezing, gave me good opportunities to clear rubbish from the sheds and garden. leading to a jolly good effort of a bonfire three evenings ago.
I’m sure the neighbours loved it, more so the people who sit outside the Pub for a smoke on the other side of our Land wall !

A Winter plumage Reed Bunting at Dungeness

The Web Site

I’ve added a few pages in the ‘ ‘Growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s’ section > Package Holidays 1960’s The Royal Influence 1950’s > The 1960’s Housewife .
Two more articles in the Blog > Mods and Rockers 1960’s Trainspotting 1950’s .

This section of the Web Site is now the most popular, so many more pages to come.

In the Frugal Living section Ilona ‘the Meanqueen’ has written an interesting article on how she see’s Living a Simple Life .
Ilona has been a stalwart Forum Member for some years and runs her own very successful Blog ‘ Life after Money

Some sad news is that our big wonderful intelligent Cat ‘Big Ron’ had to be put to sleep three weeks ago. He developed Diabetes. The shame is that I hadn’t noticed his weight loss. It was only when we took him to the Vet after tell tale signs of over drinking and eating, we realised.
Then, in just a few days he went downhill rapidly and it had progressed too far for him to have a decent life.
Needless to say it broke my heart. I love all cats but Big Ron was one of his own, such character and so close.
Miss him to bits.

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