Long time no Diary !
The reason is that a new system which tried out many designs did not work on certain parts of the Web Site.
So, with a few changes, it is now back to normal, the exception being on Mobile Phones and some Tablets.

A trip to Scotland

With no ‘big’ holidays planned this year I decided to take a 11 day Wildlife centred trip to north-west and north Scotland.
Going by train to Glasgow, I hired a car then wandered off to 3 days in Skye, days on Loch Maree, two days at Bettyhill then followed by 2011 John O’Groats to Land’s End cycle route back to Glasgow.

photographing on cliffs, north coast Scotland

All in all a gret time all be it the weather in Kent was nearing 30 degrees and where I was it was averaging 9 degrees!
Luckily I know this could happen so clothed myself suitably.

I was lucky enough to see quite a lot of Birds, the highlight being a somewhat dicey walk to the cliff edge for Puffin shots. I got them and returned to tell the tale!

This worked out rather expensive, the Hotels being remote had a captive audience for evening meals.
To counteract this for future adventures I have a Romahome R10 arriving in two weeks. Basically it’s a one person mobile home fitted from a Citeron Nemo Van.
Cosy yes but cheap to run, also yes. Buying a larger one would add a lot of costs plus harder to use on a day to day basis.
Photo’s to follow in two weeks I hope !!

I have plans for Portland Bill and Lindisfarne.

jly-puffin jly-hedgehog
Left; A few Puffins – Right; A Hedgehog found wandering in the middle of a hot day outside my daughters house. We put it in the Tortoise Run til dark, checked him over and let it go. All OK !

The Garden and Wildlife

This year is not proving to be the best. I finally got some Carrots going on the third attempt and Beetroot on the second – and they’re not exactly prize winning!
Sweet Corn, Courgettes, Squash, Mangetout and all in the Greenhouse are flying though, so evens out I guess and it would be very boring it everything worked out every year!

My friends the Common Lizards have returned and this year occupying four different places around the Garden, hopefully due to my suitably placed logs and Rocks. At present the females are big and ready for hatching their internally incubated eggs in a couple of weeks.

Good news is a Hedgehog has been spotted down the Lane. Regret he or she isn’t using one of my Hog Houses, but with so many piles, nooks and crannies around, I trust it is sleeping somewhere around.
I find the occasional Poo, so that’s good news.

The fields around us are doing well. In the last few weeks I’ve spotted some Swifts and last week lucky enough to get some close up shots of a Reed Bunting.

Socially speaking..

Last weekend was my daughter’s 40th and my son’s 26th., both the same day, so I spent a great five days down there. Chaotic to say the least but I’d be bored otherwise!

Yesterday and old friend who I haven’t seen for just on 45 years visited. He’s been in the USA for most of that time, a very talented Session Musician and Music Electronic Engineer.
We played in a Band together back in the late 60’s., so many a story to tell, we also went to the same Primary School together.
Soppy old me found the reunion quite emotional, but that’s what they’re for aren’t they !!


The Website

Now as all the experimenting is over I’m making a few design changes and have gone ahead with a Competition which I’d planned for a short while ago.
It’s ‘Build a Bug House for the Garden’ and running until 9th. August.
You can find details on how to enter HERE .

The biggest winner of all from this will be the Invertebrates themselves. Attracting Ladybirds, Leafcutter / Solitary Bees and other Insects is invaluable to our garden eco-system, provide a good food chain and hopefully eliminate the need to use Pesticides, the great killer of so many species.

The next couple of weeks see’s a few nights house sitting then 11 days stay in Southampton when I will be house and pet sitting for my daughter’s Dog, three Cats, Tortoise, Bearded Dragon, Gheko and Goldfish !
Sure I’ve missed out something!

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