My last entry started off by saying the previous two weeks to that had been like coming out of winter hibernation.
The last two weeks since have been where I’ve woken up from that!

Socially I’ve been back to Southampton for a further six days spending good time with family and generally milling around aimlessly. I’m very good at that, a real natural talent!


Since though has been overdrive with a couple of house sitting duties and yet more work at the big house on the hill.
I thought I’d finished my jobs there but the phone call came for another ‘few little jobs.
This is painting two gates, two more doors and renovating / painting an old Water Barrel along with it’s Pump.
Luckily the weather has been good to me and this is all near it’s end.
I won’t hold my breath for something else coming up though.

april-ron april-butterfly

All the above has given me little time to explore the nature around and about and it’s surprising how much has changed in the last four weeks.
I took my Grand daughter accross the River Hamble to see all the birds at Warsash and where there were hundreds back in early March, there is hardly anything at present.
Black headed Gulls, an Oyster Catcher, some Brent Geese and a few Mallards!
However, it was a nice day and good to share it with her. The highlight was the trip accross the River on the Pink Ferry, always love that!

The Earthquake in Nepal

As you know I have been to Nepal twice in the last 18 months staying mainly in Kathmandu but adventures out and about in Chitwan, Pokhara, Nagerkot and the Kathmandu Valley itself.

I now have many Nepalese friends including a sister. The Hotel Maanger asked me back to their home at Diwali and made me the brother of his wife so I could take tilaka. This for me made an everlasting impression of the generosity, friendliness and welcoming of the Nepalese people.
On my travels there I met some most amazing people who although hardly having anything in material, had an overflowing wealth of good meaning.


The Nepalese are a people who do not discriminate on religion, colour or creed, they are a people who respect.

I knew there was an earthquake due and have to say that whilst there and looking at some of the buildings thought to myself what destruction could take place should it be the expected big on.

Now it has happened and I’m in total shock. They are a people who do not deserve it, they are peace loving people, an example to the World.
We are what we are and where we are by chance, we are the lucky ones. They don’t get benefits, they rely upon relatives and friends in times of need.

They, in the form of the Ghurkas, have stood by and supported us in our times of need. Not being in the Commonwealth, or then Empire, they didn’t have to.

I just hope our Governments will respect that and give generously. They need food, water and sanitation – things we take for granted.

You can donate to the Appeal at the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) Web Site .

God bless Nepal.

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