Take part in Trials and Testing

Help Manufacturers, Retailers and Medical research !

This may sound like a strange page, but without attracting the wrong sort of visitor, I wanted to do a fairly 'user friendly' title.

What I'm getting to is there are many ways we can use ourselves and our bodies to make money.
We don't have to be rich, good looking (although I am of course!) or have the perfect shape to put ourselves forward for many things (as per the TV Extra etc).

Here's where I'm coming from.

Dentist Training Schools are always looking for people to test their Students on and some of these not only do your teeth for nothing, but will pay you as well.
The least you would get is expenses!

Clinical Trials
I remember once going to that place where you were given a Cold Strain Virus and they'd test various medicines on you.
Regret to say I was one of the 'one in four' who didn't catch the cold and got sent home.
If I hadn't though, albeit having a cold, I'd be in a nicely run Hotel type situation being pampered on by all and sundry!

Many Pharmaceutical Companies are looking for people to test their products on - not always for very serious conditions.

Any venture into this should be thought about carefully though and visiting your Doctors beforehand is a very good move.

You may not get paid, but you'll get loads of free stuff and be given various forms to fill in on your findings.
Look on any larger Cosmetic Manufacturer's web sites for relevant details.

Closer to Home

Modelling for Art Colleges etc.
It doesn't matter what shape you are, someone, somewhere, will be itching to do a portrait of you.
Many Art College's advertise for models, so a direct visit to these will bring dividends

Look around the local Hairdressers for free hairdressing deals. Hairdressing attracts a lot of new 'wannabe's' and they have to cut hair to get their NVQ's and other qualifications.
Again, it's not always paid, but it's a few hours out and keeping you in trim.

This is all where frugal overlaps earning money. It's not always the money you get, but the money you save, thus releasing that to do other more important things - like eat !

It's a case of looking at every avenue there is to make a bit more for yourself and this can be done - legally as well !

Even I could be a winner! Someone somewhere needs me. Shame the hairs all gone, the teeth have had it and I'm past everything else !

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