Cycling John O'Groats to Lands End

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Stopping for a rest JOGLE

It's difficult to remember when I first had the dream of cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End, I think it would have been in the late 1950's when, following the recent Conflicts, people were looking for escapism and a want of outdoor adventure which included 'first to this' first to that', 'first to do that' 'first in a whatever' etc. etc.

Certainly this was confirmed to me when actually doing the ride, there seemed to be so many others of my age group and more, steadily getting to their destinations and maybe living a dream of long ago just like me..

Why it took me so long, who knows! Probably time is the major factor. The younger folk maybe only get a fortnights holiday at a time and this encourages them to cycle it in 16 days or less. Although I appreciate their vigour and enthusiasm, that is not my style!

I want to see the scenery, I want it to be a journey rather than a sporting challenge fulfilled - indeed this is exactly what it became, a journey for me both physically, but more importantly, mentally. We all need time out to work things out and what better way that by working them out like this!

The one thing which surprised many was the fact I was doing it alone with no support and when, after realising that I was, asked "So you cycle a lot then" to which my reply came back as "No"!!

I would love to be able to tell stories of how brave I've been fighting the elements and mental torment, but at the end of the day, I took the train up to Thurso, went over to John O'Groats, got on my bike and started pedalling.

However, saying all that, I did plan, I did some training and had my body in reasonable stead although for the two weeks before setting off I was bombarded with personal issues which held back my final decision to do it, three days before I left.

So, these pages are my complete summary of the cycle ride. There were some bad moments but these were more than paid back in self satisfaction and achievement

Each Daily Page will have a direct link to my Garmin Forerunner pages where you can see mileage, average MPH, ascents, descents, calories used and more.

On the map, you can zoom in for fine detail and even follow the route at street level with Google Earth (only the roads of course)

I really hope you enjoy glancing through and hope even more that the pages will answer a few questions for you, but most of all, they will encourage you to do it and have the wonderful memories I have.

Should you wish to Contact me for any reason, there is a Link to my email address at the bottom of every page.

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John O'Groats starting point
Starting in a cloudy, but dry John O'Groats 22nd. June 2011

End of JOGLE - Land's End Sign
and finishing a clear blue sunny day 13th. July 2011 (One stone lighter!)

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