JOGLE route - Launceston to St.Columb

Day 21 of my end to end cycle ride

JOGLE - narrow lanes north of St.Columb in Cornwall
I was really pleased with my navigation today - right out the way!!

Well, at least I knew that this morning the first bit was downhill !! After that though....phew, there were some whoppers! Before I left Launceston though I needed to oil up the chain a bit. The new found hills were obviously a strain and after ascertaining it was the chain squeaking and not my knees, I popped into a Cycle Shop to buy some.

Once again it was a cycle shop only too pleased to welcome an End to Ender and they even had a Visitors End to End book for me to sign - love it.

Today it was navigation to skirt Bodmin Moor which I really didn't fancy and this worked well although I knew I would have to face the A30 a couple of times. The route was more up than down as far as just short of Camelford, but the A30 is all downhill on that stretch, narrow, but at least I wasn't holding up traffic that much

After Camelford I took the Lanes down to Bodmin where I decided to re-route slightly. Well, I didn't plan it, I missed a turning altogether and finished up outside Bodmin Hospital!

This didn't matter too much as it happens, there are ample alternatives around there and I doubt I lost any mileage, although I probably lost weight by an even steeper hill than the Launceston climb. It took me 35 minutes to walk up it. But the view from the top was pretty spectacular.

Zig zagging my way along some Lanes which became almost tracks, I reached St.Columb (Major). There is only one B&B in St.Columb and the owner was out. In fear of losing any available room, I sat outside for an hour and a half. Thank heavens, when she returned, she had a room. Had she not, it was 1830 and the next bigger town was a way off.

I had an enjoyable meal in a local Pub, shared a table with a Rambler who had now moved to St. Columb. Turns out he had a girlfriend who lives about three miles from me here in Ashford. Someone else came in - he was from Tonbridge! A good chat that evening!

JOGLE - 900 miles landmark
900 miles. From now on, it's 2 figures to go, then 1 !!!!!

Farm just west of Launceston in Cornwall
Passing Farms in the narrow Lanes

How much is that doggy in the window !
News has got round that I'm on my way through

B&B St.Columb Cornwall
My quaint B&B in St.Columb Major

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