Be in a TV or Radio Show audience for free

The frugal way to be entertained by top Artists!

Quite often us frugal, or just plain hard up types, look at Shows and Concerts in the Papers or on TV and think how nice it would be to afford the prices asked for, but this is not always the impossible dream if you like, there are quite a few ways of doing just that for free.

The BBC, ITV, Sky and other Entertainment Companies are always looking out for audiences to attend recordings both for TV and Radio.

Not only can you be entertained by some well known Performers in Comedy, Drama, you can see Quiz Shows and much more plus of course it's a great insight to what goes on during production etc., especially Radio where the cast are accompanied by sounds effects people and so on.

Not all Programmes are made by the mainline Company but by various Production Companies such as Lion TV. so it's worth applying to all the Agencies and Broadcasters for tickets.

Most of the Companies go on a draw method, shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, the Graham Norton Show and X-Factor etc. have thousands of applications for tickets so applying for as many as you are able is a good plan of action. You may not get to see Strictly, but may get into a Radio Quiz Programme with some well known people taking apart.

The only negative for some is that most of the Studios are in the larger Cities and most of those are in London of course.

Good starting links are; the BBC Shows and Tours web pages and The Applause Store who deal with many of the Commercial TV Programmes.

So you can't be guaranteed a seat for everything you apply for but you're in the mix so to speak and as they say 'you've got to be in it to win it'!

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