Bar and Catering Work

Some people tend to see part time work in catering or serving behind a Bar as being a bit degrading.

Both can be hard work in two separate ways. Here's some thoughts based on my experiences.


If you're a cook, there's a chance you may be able to get work as an Assistant to a Chef, but if you're not, there is usually much work around for general Kitchen Hands or Porters etc.
It isn't the best paid job in the world I give you that, but in a busy kitchen the time flies by and you're home before you know - albeit shattered !!

Portering usually means washing up, clearing up and following other people around clearing up after them. It is in that sense, the last installment of a someone else's meal - exactly the same as at Home.
Technology has made a lot of this work easier, especially with Industrial Dishwashers ! The load on the right took me no more than 30 minutes to fetch, wash and send back up.

There's usually more work available during University Term times, so get your feet under the table, by the time the holidays come round, you're established.

This work is usually given on the going rate. Therefore you can find yourself a much better worker than the other person, but earn the same amount. But I see this as a good excuse to have a moan !

The other things to be aware of are the heat of the place, this can be quite frightening sometimes, plus of course the safety of the place.
Not many long term kitchen workers in any guise have got away without the occasional burn or nasty cut.

But, get in a good Team and you'll enjoy it. You soon find your own pace and ways of going about things.

An ideal job for a few extra pounds, especially with the leads up to Christmas.


I think I can best start by saying it's some and some. You can get busy places, slow places, Night Clubs, Leisure Centres, up-market, down-market.

I work behind the Bar in a Sport's Academy. Because it's mainly younger people with their parents coming to watch, it's simply Tea, Coffee, Coca Colas and packets of Crisps.

What I have found, which surprised me, is after over 30 years in direct 'interface' with the Public (and good at it I should add), I've found dealing with people a lot harder.
If it's that I was once on the other side of the Bar and have an in-built resentment I don't know.
Maybe it's one of those things where I want to be my own Boss and not be in a situation of 'from master to slave' I don't know.

It's difficult, but you're not usually charging around lifting and getting cold. It can be a nice job if you approach it in the right manner.

Sports and Leisure Centres are good for Bar and other work

Working in a Kitchen does mean quite a bit of washing up...

and cleaning !!

Public House Bar Work, good for a chat with the locals

A man walked into a bar with an alligator under his arm and asked the bartender, 'Do you serve lawyers here'.

'Yes', said the bartender.

'Good', said the man, 'In that case I'll have a whisky, and a lawyer for my alligator'.

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