. I don’t know what it is about two of my three Cats, but Mimi and Ginger seem to spend the whole summer and early Autumn quite happily sitting on the sofa or other places out of harms way. Then once you light the Rayburn about mid-end October, they have a sudden personality change which […]

. Since about the mid 80’s, the want of escaping the rat race and seeking a simpler or self reliant way of life, has been growing more and more popular. The current economic crisis will eventually catch up with many business’s and I have no doubt the downshifting trend will increase, even on a weekly […]

. I am going to tell you why you should buy a Suzuki Wagon R. I got mine through accident really. I saw a Saxo advertised at a local Garage and I had just enough cash saved up to buy it. I managed to get my old Fiat Cinquecento down there and was quite honest […]

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