Things I have noticed more than anything else since attaining the pensionable age of 65 are

1. Everyone assumes you’ve suddenly got loads of money

2. You could peg it at any moment and your kids will spend the rest of their lives penniless

3. Banks and other Investment Companies suddenly like you

4. Facebook and all the other cookie sites bombard you with ads about Equity, Incontinence Pads and seniors singles.

So I’ll take them one by one…

1. Assumption I guess is about right because they are guessing that a certain percentage of people retiring will have private pensions with good cash pay outs and probably some savings plan expiring.
So in a marketing sense, they know some, like me, are probably going to have a laugh, but some may indeed see these amazing offers and take them up. GO AWAY!

2. Suddenly ads and junk mail appear to reinforce the fact you could go at any moment and do we want to leave people in poverty slowly starving because we haven’t done the responsible thing.

In my case the sharing of my Garden Tools, PC’s, Mobile Phone and old Tin Collection will not exactly save them from a life of misery. Anything I may have may just about afford a Cardboard Coffin and a Funeral done on the cheap (that’s the way I want it anyway!!).

3. Hey, those Text Messages and Letters about ISA’s and more are flooding in, almost like fan mail.
With most of them giving you an interest rate of less than the standard of living rise, it’s not far off paying the Banks to look after your money for you, all money you’ve paid tax already on of course!

They give you money at rates of 6% or more, savings are effectively us lending them money to use by their badly dressed Stock Exchange Staff to play games making them money.

The problem is of course – they have us by the wotsits, they know that and so it goes on !

4.All those little cookies put into our PC’s telling various Companies what we’re looking at and reading our profiles to steer appropriate ads into almost any website we look at.

Now call me old fashioned, but how many of us do actually need Incontinence Pads at 65? Maybe they think we are thinking ahead and will buy in bulk to save us money later!

Everywhere we look including the letter box in the privacy of our own home suddenly becomes an intray for anything associate with old and past it but presuming we are still responsible people who think of everyone except ourselves.

I know we’re not here forever, I know you never know what’s around the corner, but please leave some things for our older brains to sort out for ourselves, we like walking round the Banks and Buildings Societies saying “So why should I give my money to you”, let them go through all the spiel then say “Well you can;’t have it.

It is almost worth having a Burglar / Fire Proof safe under the bed. At least you know where you money is, it’s easier to get to and no one is having a 16 day Caribbean Cruise on the profits they’re making on your hard earned savings.

So, in the words of a miserable old git, bog off and leave me alone!

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