Yesterday Autumn arrived, but Down the Lane it seems it got here in name only. Yesterday was 23 degrees and today 22 degrees!

You may recall a post I made about six weeks ago in which I said it was like Autumn had arrived then. Well, since then, all seems to have gone in reverse; there are hardly no leaves on the ground, the leaves on the trees are barely changing colour and I’ve not had to cut the grass for four weeks.
The only symptoms we’ve had are heavy winds, a left over of Hurricane Bill apparently – thanks Bill, you lost me the metal corrugated restoration work on Chicken Shed No.2’s roof last week ! I may have to retort to HD Plastic Bin Gab liners on a temporary basis.

The good weather has allowed me to collect much wood though and the ‘Barn’ is now looking well prepared with healthy stocks of wood and a full Coal Bunker.

Today, I even found time to clean the Rayburn. Alas the 55 years or so is starting to catch up with it, but I tried it out last night and got the first time surprise of heat once again. Mimi the Cat did as well, she’s spent all summer helping herself to water from the saucepan on top and forgotten what the purpose of a Rayburn is. Doubt if she’ll try that one again. There again, she hasn’t got a brain !

Much of summer clinging on is the fact we’ve barely had rain in these parts for quite a number of weeks. The grass is brown and the Greenhouse is still producing, certainly longer than I can remember.

But come around 5pm each day and the false thoughts of it still being summer fade a little, the chill comes down, the chickens are going to bed and ou find yourself watching, or in my case, listening to the TV a lot earlier.

In fact, as I’m writing, President Obama is speaking to the UN about Climate Change. Surely with these strange seasonal changes, high winds and problem weather in general, the World must sit and listen – not to him, all be it he’s talking sense, but to Nature itself.
We must spend more time looking at the trees, listening to the wind and force ourselves to understand what it’s trying to tell us. Even the birds have something to say, it’s simply we haven’t listened.

Sure, no radicle changes to our policies for healing our Planet will affect us, we’re OK, we’ll be gone before we know it. It’s about our Children, their’s and their’s.
When we study our genealogy, we look on those before us with inspiration and thanks for what they went through, not for them, but for us. Surely we don’t want our great great grandchildren to see us as the generations that gave them a worse state of life, maybe shorter.

Autumn reminds us of change. Winter and Spring will be around before we know it, Winter gives us time to relax by a fire with our feet up and Spring reminds us of re-birth.

Let’s hope that still applies for the next 2,000 years !

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