Yet another moan, about these ‘more easy to pack, stack’em high, we know best’ methods used by manufacturers and Supermarkets.

It’s about these Cat Food Sachet boxes where they sell you 12 in usually 4 assorted flavours to keep prices down.

First of all, every major Manufacturer has it’s own variation of assortment ie. 4 x Tuna, 4 x Beef, 4 x Lamb, 4 x Chicken etc.

Above that you have the Gravy mixture box, or the Jelly Flavour box. Some are now doing Pate as well!

Now, if your cat or cats are like mine, some love the Beef, but hate the Lamb, but may like the Lamb if it’s in Jelly and not in Gravy etc. So you’ve already wasted 4 packets.
That sends you into cost effectiveness mode and you go to another Supermarket to buy their’s because they do the Beef without the Lamb. They do Salmon instead, but the box is only in the Gravy.

This ends up with you having half eaten bowls of cat food on the Floor, countless flavours and makes of Sachet Cat Food hanging around in the Larder which you usually end up feeding the Hedgehogs with (even then you find the Hedgehogs are the same).

Naturally the Supermarkets aren’t the only one’s to blame here as your cats are just as much a nuisance in their eating habits.
By this, it’s the ‘I liked Lamb last week, but don’t this week’ etc. Then you get the annoyance that they won’t eat from a packet that’s been open for more than about 10 minutes.

Oh yes, you’ve tried the mixing up of the one they don’t like with the one they do, but 5 minutes later you find a nice tidy heap of uneaten food pushed off the side of the bowl onto the floor!
Plus the licking all the gravy off and leaving the actual food.

After all this, you come to the Biscuits, same thing here, but at least not so much mess. Why is it that you change the water in their drinking bowl and nine times out of ten find two biscuits floating in it within half an hour.

Going into the Pet Food section of the Supermarket is a magical mystery tour. All the boxes look the same, so you get home and find out you’ve brought the gravy, not the jelly. The size of these sections is beyond belief with every brand having some price change every time you go in there.

What’s the answer? I guess the obvious one is don’t have pets as you’ll save a fortune and regain at least two hours of your life every day which is spent cleaning plates and sweeping the floor.
Another answer is just leave the food out and wait for them to be so hungry that they’ll eat it. But this has the effect of clearning up another kind of mess from the Sofa or Window sill later in the day.

We are now in that acceptance mode with Cat Food; ‘It doesn’t matter which one we buy, a third of what we pay will be money going down the drain’.
Oh dear, isn’t that just a typical statement of a lot of things in life nowadays!!

Maybe cats have adapted as our kids have adapted. Years ago you had what you were given, you accepted a Rupert Annual at Christmas rather than a £300 Games Console, which if you don’t get the top model, your parents are seen as being cheapskates and mean!

Cor, the things we waste our money on!

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By mhairi . February 25th, 2009 at 12:51 am

switch to homemade food? better for them and probably cheaper.

mine get a mix of raw minced chicken and fish. there’s a great book by richard pitcairn on natural diets and health for cats (and dogs). there are lots of useful websites to help you dip your toe in the water

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