Chickens in the Garden

The abandoning of Hens around the Country I had a feeling this would happen when the Coronavirus Pandemic arrived early last year. I’m sure that in good spirit and with the right intentions, many saw shortages of food etc., they were furloughed or even lost their jobs, so looked at a more self reliant life. […]

When starting out keeping Chickens in your back garden it’s always difficult to decide upon what type of Coop you’re going to get.
Basically there are three options 1. Wood 2. Plastic or 3. Converted Shed
All these have their pro’s and con’s so as a Shed….

Prepare yourself for a feast of enterprise !!!!! Firstly I should say my Chicken Coop set up is at the far end of the Garden on wasteland which I’m allowed to use by my Landlord, it is not seen by anyone else other than myself and anyone who wishes to do so! Hence it […]

Up until around 2012 keeping chickens in your back garden was the height of fashion for want of a better phrase. Not a weekend went by when it wasn’t featured in a National Newspaper with well known personalities speaking about their adventure into the simple life. It was probably started by the first series […]

I’ve been keeping Chickens in the Garden for nigh on 15 years now, they have a large Pen but whenever possible and I’m outside to keep an eye on things they free range.
During this recent ghastly weather of rain and wind I’m sure that most Hen Keepers are finding the same as me…>>

I’m lucky, my Chickens are in a self contained area, they have a converted Shed for their House, another converted Shed as their ‘Restaurant’ and a Pen approximately 20 feet square to muck around in.
The fencing is as secure as can be so not too much to worry about.
Needless to say the Pen area, after 14 years of keeping Chickens, is just plain…..

I’m sure that many Website Owners who feature Keeping Chickens will confirm that from May onwards 2012 was a bad year for Visitors to their pages.
The main reason for this I’m sure was the weather when from May onwards we had the worse Summer for rain since records began.
After all, who could really blame some

There are two kinds of Rats in this country; the rats who rampage around houses, live in Parks and generally run riot where there’s any Chicken or Bird Feed around and the domestic Rat, a furry brainy Pet who will devote himself or herself to you.
It’s when you get the cross over which this short[..]

Some two weeks ago or so, I went into the local Pet Superstore to buy some Chicken Feed. When it came to paying for it, the cost was quite staggering, seemingly going up by around 20% over the last time I called there about three months ago.
Upon reaching the Counter I asked if this was […]

Emotions run high as Nettle Cottage becomes no more
It seems hardly a day goes by down the Lane when something of International importance isn’t taking place. Today was no exception
For eight proud years, Nettle Cottage, built from a three sided Shed, had stood with dignity against the backdrop of Nettles and two Compost heaps. But […]

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