There are quite a few of us who have battled away against Factory Farming Chickens, both for food and for egg production and this was really championed onwards and upwards last year by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver.
After watching their TV Programmes on the subject, hundreds of people took to keeping their own Chickens […]

Autumn has arrived with it’s usual shout of heavy winds and rain. All of a sudden, the warmth, the dryness and fun of Summer has gone into a distant memory.
Maybe for some, the idea of keeping Chickens in the back garden back in April and May, is starting to wane. Here are the following symptons….The Kids who enjoyed racing each other up the garden at 7am to feed the chickens are now saying “Don’t want to”, “It’s too wet”, “The chickens smell”.

It’s that horrible time of year when winters damp and cold is hanging on between the odd few hours of sunshine to give us all a false sense of security.
Sunday comes, the Sun’s out, so people flock to the Garden Centres buying thier garden stuff only to go homeand find the weather’s so dad […]

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