Housing taking over nature

To me it’s like one of those Horror films where you see some awful thing slowly creeping along devouring all that’s before it. I moved from Ashford in Kent to Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire nearly three years ago. Although I miss Kent very much, I haven’t missed the Housing Developments which over a number of […]

“Going down the Woods to play Mum”, those were the words often heard by Mother back in the 1950’s and very early 1960’s. The Woods were somewhere where you could be Robin Hood, Roy Rogers, Davy Crockett or William Tell, they were a place where the little Copse close to the House became anywhere from […]

Hedgehog eating meat cat food

All our Hedgehogs should now be awake and if not already, found a Mate to do what Hedgehogs do ! Indeed, the one Hedgehog I had hibernating in my Garden over Winter emerged and within two weeks I noticed he or she had found a friend. Having their babies can present some problems […]


We, humans, may have all the technology and academia behind us, but one thing’s for certain; Wildlife can survive without us, we cannot survive without wildlife. Every living creature has a purpose whether it be to eat or be eaten, it’s like the song ‘I know an old Lady who swallowed a Fly’. Everything […]

This is not having a go necessarily at people who live in houses, it is an observation of how modern technology and our material needs have gone faster than our Infrastructure can take. Walking down a once leafy Street full of nice houses with little front flower gardens and a tree was pleasant, it was […]

Hedgehog Unfriendly Garden

Recent figures have shown yet another 10% drop in the Hedgehog Poluation in the last year, 30% since 2000. Now being at Number 9 in the UK Endangered Species List it is imperitive that a major effort has to be made to help these numbers increase and bring about a rising healthy population. One […]

back of new houses

‘A new Housing Estate surrounded by the Beautiful Kent Countryside’ the Developers often say ot thereabouts. ‘A new Housing Estate in the middle and eating up the Kent Countryside’ maybe more accurate? Or ‘A new Housing Estate on the edge of the Kent Countryside but not for long because another Developers going to buy […]

Springwatch unfair criticism

BBC2’s Springwatch this year has received quite a few complaints which have spread to the National Press about showing young birds being taken from their nests before fledging. Blue Tits have been taken by a Jay, Woodpeckers by a Stoat and one video clip showed a Sparrowhawk taking a Swallow. Remarks we’ve had around Social […]

Garden Bug House

With Winter nearing an end down the Lane comes a chance of checking around the various parts of my garden for any signs of life and that things are in reasonable order and position for the warmer months. The Bug House appears to be holding out and I know there are about 4 drilled […]


In the past few months the Government have been looking into having a National Symbol and after some long discussion (typical of Parliament) the Hedgehog was put forward as an ideal choice. However, that decision is now on hold as several MP’s agreed with a Spokesman as to why have an animal as a […]

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