From entering Wye near Ashford in Kent from the west, sout and east it seemingly appears to be yet another attractive and well kept Village, in the main it is, the residents seem to care about their homes and the older buildings are well maintained. Nestled at the bottom of the North Downs on the […]

Is global warming taking place? Should it matter? There are many arguments for and against that there is such a thing as global warming, some just see it as part of our natural climate cycle, others are convinced that it’s us humans causing the damage. I would tend to go with the latter, after all, […]

24/7 free Garden entertainment ! A very fine substitute for day time television is either looking out to the garden from a room indoors or sitting quietly in the garden itself. No matter where you look, you’ll find some creature or other showing us mere human’s what survival is really about, plus of course, the […]

Canterbury removes Waste Bins and lessen’s Waste! Canterbury City Council in their wisdom have decided to remove most of their Street Waste Bins from the City Centre. It appears that by doing this they are surprised that litter in the Streets has not increased and in fact has given people more incentive to take their […]

If you haven’t been to London for a while, there’s something going on! It seems that more and more people are using their bikes and in many cases, at both ends of their journies, but not the same bike! Yesterday my son Leo and myself went up to the House of Commons and afterwards walked […]

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how we get around; the cheapest, the most cost efficient and the safest and I’m finding it difficult to find a winner! The Car The car for many is the obvious choice, it keeps you warm and you are your own master on route and how you […]

The last few days has brought about heavy storms along with high winds and in many parts of the country this has finally brought down the remaining leaves on the trees. We’re lucky here in the South East though, a fairly mild late Autumn has given us one of the best arrays …

Vanishing Phone and Post Boxes – Vanishing Heritage There are absolutely loads of things I love about the modern age, the computer for instance has changed my life by opening me up to a new life of information and learning etc., but there are many things which seem to be paying the cost for faster […]

Maybe getting the new bicycle made me into doing this, cycling gives you a little more opportunity to stop, get off and view some of the wonderful countryside around you. So, the other day I was driving home from my job with Kent County Cricket Club in Canterbury and thought I’d make a few stops […]

What Man or what organization run by man has ever managed to close down every UK Airport and many in other north west European Countries? – None ! With the eruption of the Icelandic Volcano we once again see the wrath and the ‘nature’ of nature is greater than any Human on this planet. Every […]

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