The Times they are a’changing Now, maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but have 5 – 7 year olds changed a bit recently? Here’s some typical answers to quite common questions we seem to be getting from Grandchildren of that age today. Q. Shall we build a tree house today kids? A. As long as […]

House sitting is one thing, you can lounge on the Sofa all day watching Homes Under the Hammer, Flog-It etc., but when there’s pets involved it does bring about some extra responsibility and dare I say the word we love, ‘work’! The Dog First there’s Louie, the two year old Chihuahua who thinks he’s a […]

My daughter and son-in-law, both ardent and regular Members of a Gym, looked at the travelling time, cost etc. and decided that in the long run it would be more financially effective to have their own at home. So some weeks later, the outbuilding at the bottom of their Garden filled with the usual collection […]

The one thing you have to remember when you’ve been asked to look after the Grandchildren for a few days is that it’s not just the Grandchildren you’re looking after, it’s a plethora of pets and many other things which at a flick of a switch or movement of hand or feet can lead to […]

It raised my heart and hopes the other day when I saw that a 2,500 strong band of Scouts, male and female, went ahead to have a Winter ‘Jamboree’ type Camp. I’ll begin with the ever present, “when I was a lad”, but it’s true. When I was in scouting, from 1955 to about 1970, […]

Yesterday Autumn arrived, but Down the Lane it seems it got here in name only. Yesterday was 23 degrees and today 22 degrees! You may recall a post I made about six weeks ago in which I said it was like Autumn had arrived then. Well, since then, all seems to have gone in reverse; […]

I sincerely believe that when ‘Someone’ designed evolution, they had a somewhat strange sense of humour. Although it is said that us human beings came last, wouldn’t it have been nice to make us a bit more immune to at least some creatures which make about 80% of us suffer on nice summer days? It […]

There are quite a few mysteries of life and why men do barbecues must surely be one of them. It seems they can’t make a cup of tea for themselves, but if there’s a chance for them to show off their masculinity, besides taking their shirt off on a hot day and walking up the […]

Why is life so unfair as you get older? Last week I went to visit my family in Southampton and whilst there, my Grand daughter (Aged 5) lost a tooth. In fact she actually swallowed it. That evening she put a note under the pillow explaining the situation and by morning the tooth fairy has […]

. I am going to tell you why you should buy a Suzuki Wagon R. I got mine through accident really. I saw a Saxo advertised at a local Garage and I had just enough cash saved up to buy it. I managed to get my old Fiat Cinquecento down there and was quite honest […]

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