. Since the announcement of ‘The Credit Crucnch’ it seems you can hardly pick up a Newspapers without some Supplement article starting with ‘Frugal ways….’, ‘Save mone……’, ‘Cut the cost of…..’. I certainly don’t have any argument with this, usually being frugal is strongly linked to more environmentally friendly ways of doing things and cuts […]

. Since about the mid 80’s, the want of escaping the rat race and seeking a simpler or self reliant way of life, has been growing more and more popular. The current economic crisis will eventually catch up with many business’s and I have no doubt the downshifting trend will increase, even on a weekly […]

MY SITUATION A few years ago I was oddjobbing Gardening work in the area, something I continued to do in a small way after taking up the summer Cricket Club job. One summer, it was particulary bad weather, which of course, was out of my control. I lost much work and was never able to […]

I fully appreciate the risk of this post being viewed by someone of criminal tendancies therefore running the risk of them finding out my address and paying me an unwanted visit. But, because I know a lot of people respect and appreciate my views on financial matters, I have decided to disclose my wealth and […]

Normally I get around on my dependable little 50cc Moped, or cycle. But upon returning from a few days in Southampton last weekend, I had no alternative. No one could pick me up from the Station, the last bus had gone (that’s at 1900hrs!) and I had two fairly heavy bags to carry. If I […]

There has been much said and disclosed recently about the unfairness of Bank charges and the way in which customers have been handled by certain ‘institutions’. Sentences such as ‘delay tactics’ have been used and the BBC, in the Money Matters programme, has challenged the legality of them under the Trading Standards act – with […]

I should say first of all that I’m as guilty as anyone and have quite successfully landed myself in many a fix. I was in a large Department Store the other day and joined the long queue of people waiting to pay for their goods at the Till. It was then I noticed by looking […]

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