There are many benefits for having raised beds to grow your Vegetables in..

1. It contains the Vegetables is easier manageable areas
2. Easier access
3. Easier to plan your Vegatble Patch and move around in it…

The Edible Garden Show is really what it say’s on the tin, a huge Exhibition showing what can be produced by almost anyone in their Garden or Allotment from basic Vegetable Growing, Poultry keeping to actually cooking it.

For it’s first three years the Show took place in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, …>

It’s that time of the year we are reminded of certain bones and muscles we’d forgotten about through the Winter months, the one’s we use for the fine art of digging! Every January and February we sit patiently saying how much we want to get out in our garden again and when we do, everyone […]

Every year’s the same, we get through month’s of cold, snow, wind and rain, then get a sunny reasonably mild day in early March and the World goes mad! It seems this is the call for everyone to look out the window, see that golden round thing up in sky, on the clothes and say […]

Early and mid Autumn are always very beautiful times of the year, all be it we’re having our fair share of rainful in 2010. But between the Showers we get a few sunny spells where the scenery around us tells us a story that Winter is on the way and Summer sunshine and heat are […]

It was just another day really, I woke up (thank goodness), the sun was shining so I thought a perfect morning to get on and do some urgent gardening jobs. I had a quick peep around the vegetable patch and drew out my plan. This started with checking up on the seedlings on the window […]

and here comes Spring ? The weather always seems to change just after my birthday and is this year going to be an exception? I don’t know about you, but surely it’s been about the most miserable Novemeber – March there’s ever been, I’m totally fed up with it. But lo! The last few days […]

Often people refer to me as living ‘the Good Life’. Yes I do have a pretty good life, but I don’t lead it in the sense of Tom and Barbara Good on the TV. I am not self sufficient, I class myself as self-reliant, I am my own destiny – if I can’t pay the […]

The first time I came accross John Harrison was on a Countrylife Forum. He was a keen Allotment Vegetable Grower and gave many Forum Members much needed advice on their gardening problems. Some six or so years ago, John decided he would try his hand out at making a website about Allotment growing and his […]

Amongst our Garden wildlife, there can’t be a more industrious, inventive and plain scavenger as the Grey Squirrel. Over the last few month’s I’ve been doing my bit for the wild birds and feeding them Peanuts from at least three containers, all tied, hung, suspended, angled, on wire, on a steel pole with furniture polish […]

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