. So, after a few Internet searches for Lawnmowers, I find one on a certain DIY Store website. As I’d rather like to see what I’m spending, I thought I’d get there for Doors Opening time on a Sunday morning when they’re at their least busiest. Also, I see they don’t do home delivery on […]

Stage Two – The Floor This post takes you through Stage Two of converting my old Garden Shed to a fully conventional and living Summerhouse. Today I decided I would do the Floor. Again this took me slightly longer than expected, about two hours, but it was certainly worthwhile as the results are quite spectacular. […]

Another half day Gardening Project from Down the Lane Besides two Greenhouses and the Chicken House, I have nowhere to have that relaxing afternoon sit down with the Newspaper and a cup of Coffee. So this morning, as it wasn’t raining and I hadn’t got to go out until 2pm, I thought I’d convert one […]

First of all I’d like to say that my Honda Lawnmower is the best Mower I’ve ever owned. It has cut my grass plus about 6 other people’s, put in the back of a Micra, Escort, Fiesta and Cinquecento. In fact I know of at least 4 other people who have brought a Honda Mower […]

Before starting your successful weed gardening you must ensure you have ample grass, flower beds and vegetable patches for them to grow. Many people often make the mistake of not determining the difference between flowers and weeds. Indeed this can be difficult as some weeds have the same distinctive features, such as coloured bits on […]

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