I was about 25 at the time and living in Tunbridge Wells, I played the occasional game of Cricket and enjoyed, as I do today, the outdoor life. My brother-in-law was a keen and pretty good Golfer and one day asked if I’d like to have a round with him. I explained I’d never […]

ARE YOU READY !! My son and his partner are just moving out of their old place and have a while to wait for something new to come along. They told me that in the interim they’d be storing their belongings in a large Storage place on the outskirts of town. Although I don’t have […]

If there’s one thing we’re really good at in this Country, beside winning Gold Medals in Olympic Games, is never being completely happy with the weather. I don’t know how far back this attribute goes, probably to the Ice Age when we were going around complaining about the Snow! It’s either too hot, too cold, […]

Warm days at the end of Winter Isn’t it amazing after month’s of cold, wet, snow and ice, what a difference a few warm sunny day’s make! Two weeks ago down the Lane, the grass and Lane couldn’t be seen because a 6″ blanket of snow lay accross it, yet this week it’s like […]

Let’s chill out! If I’ve noticed a change in anything over the years, it has been an ever increasing need for speed and not far removed from impatience! Take the car. Whilst driving along the M25 on my way to Southampton the other day, we suddenly met with a really bad downpour. I moved into […]

For the last eight days, Kent and other surrounding Counties have been experiencing some pretty harsh weather, culminating with freezing rain through the night of Tuesday. With a temperature of minus 8, this meant that by morning, the County was at a standstill. The Train Service was non-existant, complete chaos. The Operating Companies Website indicated […]

by Special Correspondent Dick Brayne The first major part of the Down the Lane restructuring and redevelopment programme was officially opened yesterday. Rumoured to have a final cost of just over 3 figures, the new Office rises from the ground in splendid glory to just over six feet and on a clear day can be […]

. We Brits have a habit of allowing certain things to carry us away in a manner apt only for some other Planet it seems. Before I opened the Curtains this morning I heard the horrific headline on the Radio News, “Snow grips Kent”. Blimey I thought, better have a look and oh by gosh, […]

Now you may on first sight think this as being a bit of a micky take. But it isn’t, I wear dentures now and have done since last December, so what this is about is realising what I’ve done and observed others doing the same. So if you denture wearers don’t want to send out […]

After all the ups and downs of making the Appointment a few days ago, I duly arrived at the Doctors for my consultation. I thought I’d save the young Receptionist ladie’s time by registering myself ‘in’ on that new Computer Gadget they have. Quite rightly, the screen told me I had an appointment at 0930 […]

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